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  1. Even though my default browser is FireFox and I seldom use IE, starting with version 5.23 (and both versions of 524) CCt takes 4 or 5 times longer to run. The program appears to be grinding while cleaning something close to (this is from memory, so it could be wrong) C:\Users\username\Windows\History\IE5\somethingmore.... file associated with the current user. Interestingly, after running an Analyze and viewing the details of every top level section that's about to be cleaned, there's no hint about this path. So, it this something that wasn't being cleaned up though 522 but is now, or is
  2. Thanks. It must have been some temporary system glitch. After a reboot and another extract, everything works normally as it usually does - even though I'd tried it several times last night.
  3. CCleaner 412 portable starts a process but never displays a screen under XP x32 SP3.
  4. Thanks for the link. I can also confirm that it works right after a boot, that version 1.19 and 1.20 fail the same way, but somewhere during the day something changes and it goes back to populating the Graphics tab info with "marked for deletion" instead of listing the monitor and the fact that the video hardware on the motherboard is Intel based. Just tried again, and was working with a windows explorer window open but fails now with this FF window open. Edited to add: Once I've opened a browser window, speccy fails when I run it - even after I've closed the browser and speccy is the o
  5. Dell motherboard, Northwood Pentium HT processor, with Intel 82865G graphics controller on board. Running XP x32, SP3. The summary and Graphics tab both say "The specified serviced is marked for deletion".
  6. For what it's worth, Speccy 119 still shows the correct product key under XP. Of course, you won't find in in the registry since it's encoded/encrypted there. From the above, I'm guessing that they changed the encryption under W7 and W8 and Speccy is not decrypting it correctly?
  7. Nergal, I don't have a clue why that key was there. This system was set up four or five years ago with XP, and it's stayed with XP (plus a service pack and a pot-load of patches) ever since. I don't remember exactly which release of CC I last did the 'full' uninstall (with registry cleanup), but not that long ago - somewhere around the 3.16-3.18 range, it was still regenerating that key when it installed. I'm sure the dev's could explain why that key was added on an XP system 'back when', but the bottom line is that the newer versions should check for the AppCompatFlags\Layer entry (which
  8. First the good news.... I've fixed ALL the annoying and persistant problems I've had with CCleaner, starting almost a year ago - the failure to correctly empty the recycle bin if it contained a folder, and failure to delete folders elsewhere, both of which begin in release 3.11, and even the Recycle Bin icon not changing from full to empty problem which begin in release 3.19 (I think - I've lost track along the way). All along I've strongly suspected it was something in the registry ever since I learned that the portable versions worked and the installed versions (both free and Pro) d
  9. It's been almost six months, multiple releases, and quick tests to determine that the reported problems were still not fixed. But as occasionally happens, a stroke of luck and a new thought about how to proceed is often is worth the effort. First the good news.... I've fixed ALL the annoying and persistant problems I've had with CCleaner, starting almost a year ago - the failure to correctly empty the recycle bin and failure to delete folders elsewhere problems which begin in release 3.11, and even the Recycle Bin icon not changing from full to empty problem which begin in release 3.19
  10. iopl, I've been down that road many times as I try to figure out where the problem is. The bottom line is that removing the current version (and any registry entries left behind by the uninstall) and installing version 3.10 works. Doing the same thing and installing any version after 3.10 does not. But for some reason, the portable versions always work fine.
  11. Weird.... First of all, when I try to select the recycle bin, CC won't let me specify what I want. If I try to use the "folder" option to specify Sxxxxxx, it won't let me browse any farther than Recycler. The Sxxxxxx directory is never shown - even though I'm set to view hidden and system files/folders. If I try to specify a "file", it then lets me see Sxxxxx (and the folders in there), but wont allow any options as far as file types or wildcards. And it won't delete Recycler in the first case, or Sxxxxxx in the second case - which doesn't surprise me since both do have hidden or syste
  12. I tried to duplicate this under XP Pro x32 SP3 using various combinations of file names (up to 52 characters), sizes, paths, etc. I could not duplicate the failure as posted with secure delete enabled, although it did still fail to delete a folder in the recycle bin as described all through this thread. As we've seen from other posts in this thread, there is definitely a problem cleaning the recycle bin in both XP and W7. The symptoms vary, possibly depending on differences between Windows releases or some other installation specific condition not yet nailed down, but in all cases CC appea
  13. Alan, I can appreciate CCleaner saving me from myself when there's a good chance I'm about to do something stupid, but... I should point out that for an administrator who's chosen to vew hidden and system files, Windows Explorer will happily allow me to send read-only, hidden, and even system files to the recycle bin via the delete key or by the Delete option if you right click. For hidden files, it does the delete with no questions asked. For RO and Hidden files/folder, it simply asks for confirmation first. There's only so much you can do to save me from myself.... With the execption of
  14. Shodan, It looks like you're in the same boat I am, and also looking for a paddle. I tried your test, both here on my primary XP Pro system and on my wife's XP Home system. Here, it failed because it was a folder and this system is weird when it comes to folders. On the other system it worked just as you'd expect it to.
  15. Shodan, Since this particular XP Pro system seems to think that all folders are pseudo-read-only - at least according to Windows Explorer, even when the RO attribute is not set - I can't really do a valid test here. All folders do show up in the analyze for the recycle bin (but not those in %temp%), but folders are not deleted, whether or not they're in the recycle bin or in some place like %temp%. In the recycle bin, Info2 contents are set to empty but the folder itself is not deleted. In %temp%, any files are deleted but folders are not. But I did some testing on my wife's XP Home p
  16. Shodan, On my XP system, the "Send To" folder really does have both the read only and hidden attributes set and when I copy it to some other location those attributes copy too. So I can see that CCleaner might be cautious about deleting a folder with either (or both) attributes set - although it does delete files set as RO as expected. And in fact, in a command window under XP here, if you try to delete a folder with the RO attribute set, it warns that it's read-only and asks if you want to continue - but still doesn't delete it if you answer Y. If you try that with a file set as read onl
  17. Alan_B, W.E. not reflecting changes would appear to explain some of the strange things I mentioned. But in this case where it seems to show the RO attribute set and DIR shows it's not - with no changes made for months - I think it's trying to tell me something (which CC evidently 'sees' as well) that I can't figure out - yet. DIR tells me that it's not really the RO attribute, and it's not an inherited NTFS permission since it allows me to change it without warning me that it's inherited and I can't change it at that level. I've learned, for example, that W.E.will 'help' us by displayi
  18. Rather than wear my fingers down another sixteenth of an inch repeating everything I just typed, check out my last entry here... http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=35491&pid=216430&st=20entry216430 It explains why trying to empty the recycle bin on my system fails when it contains a folder. Doesn't explain the latest symptom where the recycle bin icon doesn't change from populated to empty when CC emptys it correctly if it only contains deleted files though. But progress is progress... right?.
  19. OK, after some testing, I can confirm that CC version 3.10 will delete a folder that's marked as read only (but see test results below) and any release from 3.11 on will not. I could buy that. Kinda. It does strke me as a shotgun approach to fix some specific problem where CC deleted some special folder which caused a problem though. CC doesn't seem to care about read only files, but it sure does care about read only folders. And I can't explain why the portable version doesn't care if a folder is set to read only and works as expected, but the normal install does care and won't delete t
  20. Shodan, I'd guess that CCleaner is written to function by following the old "Above All, Do No Harm" directive. If it 'knows' that a folder can safely be deleted, like in the recycle bin or in other known and designated places like %temp%, for example, I expect it to clean up the junk. In other places however, it may not know for sure if a folder with special attributes is safe to delete or not (and it's not unlikely to find Windows or Application software creating such things in unexpected places). And there may be specific names which is 'knows' should be exempt, But I'd rather it took t
  21. Once again, the latest downloaded and installed version (3.19.1721) still fails to correctly empty the recycle bin if it contains a folder - as detailed above. In an interesting twist that's new with 3.19, if I run CCleaner from the "Run CCleaner" recycle bin link or from a cmd window with the /auto option - or even from the app itself using analyze and clean, and there's only files (and no folder) in the recycle bin, it correctly deletes the files, but the recycle bin icon on the desktop still shows that it contains files. It doesn't. The only thing in either recycle in is the info2 file w
  22. I tend to forget that some of the details in the original recycle bin post weren't duplicated here.... Yes, the 24 hour boxes are unticked for both the recycle bin and Windows temp folders.
  23. As on old troubleshooter, I'm certainly aware that trying to find and fix a problem reported by the field is very difficult when you can't reproduce it locally. The first question I always tried to answer was "What changed?" There are usually a pot-load of possibilities, but I think we've narrowed down the possibilities - both here and In the original post describing problems deleting a folder in the recycle bin. The latest test described here http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=34160&st=40, a should be another clue and might help. To summarize that entry here, CCleane
  24. Thanks Alan, That's a very logical next step and one I should have tried when I found that the portable version worked. I ran 3.18 as received, after creating a folder, copying a file into it, and deleting it. Got the symptoms I've described all along. Manually emptied the Recycle Bin to start from scratch. I created and deleted another folder, (and brought up a browser to at least create a few things which needed to be cleaned), and then unzipped the portable version in a folder on the desktop. I opened CCleaner, made sure that all the tick boxes were identical, including options/sett
  25. @SuperFast, it's not that anything in the recycle bin can't be deleted. Everything deletes as you'd expect using the Recycle Bin icon's 'Delete" link. The only problem is with CCleaner after release 310 (and is still happening in 318) which won't delete folders. I'd noticed that the latest release notes mentioned something about folders, but... it's still not deleting folders in either %temp% or in the recycle bin. Or, as I've just found, in places like C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5 which currently has over 40 folders - but no files
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