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  1. Can't say I have. Some forums have run me off or tried to (such as crappy little rpg's) when I offered help. Though the community was terribly rude to begin with.
  2. Yeah, helping people is a blast. When you help with others you can often learn or teach.
  3. You might beat me. You just joined two days ago and already 50 posts - Advanced Member.
  4. Yeah, I wonder what they call what I do. Forumaholic or Postaholic?
  5. Good point, but even there malware and viruses can load.
  6. All good questions guys. Hooah! What OS are you on? How much RAM do you have? When was the last time you scanned for any malware and viruses? Does this occur on a fresh boot (cold boot, first startup after shutdown) or when exactly?
  7. Msfn.org uses the same type of boards and they have it available for users to change their titles.
  8. Don't see it there where most IPB's have them. o.o
  9. Wow indeed. Scary thing is I'm gaining on him.
  10. I'm sure a majority of people will have a Windows XP system in this day and age. I've got access to my old Windows ME machine that has GoBack, where if something messes it up I can just "go back" to a time where it worked fine. Also have beta tested many applications, even RC versions. Visual Basic computer programming experience too.
  11. Only works for Windows 9x/ME. XP, 2000, and NT don't have this. :\
  12. Symantec AntiVirus Corp is surprisingly one of the best.
  13. I've got two machines sitting here so testing isn't a problem. I submitted my application too.
  14. Upon doing some research, some Norton versions are good. Pro is, for example. Also, Symantec Corp is really high ranked too.
  15. http://www.anti-virus-software-review.toptenreviews.com/
  16. With this type of forum users can set up their own custom titles.
  17. 1.17.090 can now take care of this.
  18. I've seen spyware/adware/malware cause this, even viruses. Bad memory can be a cause as well. Try and download this. It's an awesome freeware pc maintenance package. Refer to this page for the settings and instructions. PM me with questions that you might encounter.
  19. It's a proven fact, Norton is terrible. Go with McAfee or AVG for AntiVirus.
  20. You actually can just make it a "Scheduled Task". Go to the Control Panel, Scheduled Tasks, and you can set it up there. I'd love to see a securing/zeroing of free space option, much like file shredding. Also that option when deleting/cleaning the files would be awesome as well.
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