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  1. Riiiight. It's obvious you used a program (malicious or not) that changed, replaced or modified your explorer.exe Start > Run > sfc /scannow
  2. Well, if you've looked over his pages recently, most of his information is actually correct. Large Hosts Files also cause Internet related slowdowns. Oh, was what Microsoft said not enough fact for you? Apparently not. Time to enroll in tech school kiddo. Source... Does it make sense yet? It's not made to block ads. So don't be stupid when it comes to the HOSTS file. Use it sparingly, only to block certain websites that ABSOLUTELY HAVE to be blocked. Why are HOSTS files being used to block ads all over the net? Because uneducated people with no technical experience at all go around propagating that it's a good thing, but it is not. Even Microsoft has said how the misuse of the HOSTS file can and will slow down your computer AND increase network traffic. As for prefetch, it actually does alter boot time and application load times. If you have it enabled for Boot and App Launch, you get applications loading much, much faster.
  3. Go to your Control Panel. Add/Remove Programs > Add/Remove Windows Components > Accessories & Utilities > Accessories > Put a check beside Paint and WordPad.
  4. For one, use a gif, jpg or png format. Bitmap's are way too bloated. And you wanted access to other people's computers? Wow... Looks to me like you were playing with ResHack and screwed up your explorer.exe You can also try actually researching things like how to make proper backups before you modify any files on your computer. Try a System Restore, then go read about how to work your computer.
  5. It's another "prefetch cleaning is good" thing.
  6. Here's a couple of recommended things from the Opera website. Opera AdBlock Download this file and save it as urlfilter.ini in the Opera profile directory. On a windows XP machine, that will most probably be at C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\Opera\Opera\Profile Leave the HOSTS file alone. It is NOT meant to block ads.
  7. If you're running PeerGuardian2, Allow HTTP or shut off PG2.
  8. Pure Pwnage, Episode 5. 10 minutes in the fun starts. 10:55 it gets better.
  9. Ah, the title was poorly worded. RIAA has screwed music forever.
  10. Free? For a price? If it's for a price it isn't free. No wonder it's free. It'd get more hits that way than any other way.
  11. I'll buy one AFTER Final Fantasy 7's remake comes out, or FF12 (if it's Ps3).
  12. Click the Emoticon button. Click "more..." Look under "My emoticons" for anything that says "k". If you find it, highlight it and click remove.
  13. Well, a few advantages I can think of are you'll get a bit of extra space back by cleaning out those folders. Also, if you have a virus or malware that tends to hide in the temp files, you have better odds of it getting removed.
  14. Uh. No. Do research before you attempt to give an answer. It has nothing at all to do with loading webpages. Only delete files in Windows Temp folders older than 48 hours - This will only remove files in the temp folder older than 48 hours In other words, files found in the C:\Windows\Temp\ will be deleted only if they are 48 hours old or older. If you uncheck this option it will delete all files in C:\Windows\Temp\ regardless of age. Woody, you can learn more about CCleaner in TwistedMetal's Beginners Guide.
  15. http://wiki.djlizard.net/Dial-a-fix_tips#CCleaner
  16. Yeah. With today's hard drives that amount really means nothing.
  17. It doesn't hurt your performance at all. It removes old unused prefetch files that over over 2 months old (I believe).
  18. Tarun


    Updated to v2.0.2 Changes: Corrected path for Yahoo Instant Messenger. Added support for PortableGAIM.
  19. Glad to hear you got it fixed. Proof to avoid toolbars.
  20. Try using Process Explorer.
  21. Tarun


    May want to re-read everything. It tells you it loads, opens your selected applications, then exits quickly. So the app doesn't stay running. "After it loads the selected IM clients, it exits quickly."
  22. Tarun


    Updated. Got a few other minor fixes for it tomorrow.
  23. Tarun


    What is it? TurboChat is a way to quickly load your IM chat clients with a simple double click (or single click if in the Quick Launch bar! What IM clients does it support? Currently it will support AIM, WLM (formerly MSN), YIM, XFire, GAIM and Trillian! Why did you make this? I made this application because I used to run a few IM clients and one day I was tired of going to Start > Programs > {IM Client Shortcut). With this application, I could load whichever I wanted with one or two clicks. What does this application do? On your first run it will ask you which IM clients you want to load. After it loads the selected IM clients, it exits quickly. It takes a matter of nanoseconds to load your IM programs. What do I do if I mess up? A very small ini file will be created so that should anything go wrong, you simply delete the ini and restart the program. TurboChat (166KB, *.exe) - FREEWARE
  24. Tarun


    You either let Windows manage it, or set it according to how much RAM you have. If you have 256MB or 512MB of RAM, set it to 1024 min / 2048 max. If you have 1024MB or higher, set it to at least 512 min/max or use a sliding size (512 / 1024).
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