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  1. Okay, I totally redid the images because I didn't like the jaggy outline they had. Made the inside a bit darker too in order to show a bit more of the reflection. Side by side (Old/New)
  2. No, you don't want to disable that service because reporting those issues will allow for Microsoft to let the developers know of their software issues and fix them. Plus, when you send the report it can often tell you if a fix is available. You should definitely read the posts here, here and definitely here.
  3. For the Admins: For the Mods: For the members: Old versions: For the Admins: For the Mods: For the members: It has a black background because of the thumbnail resize when posting. All MrG has to do is upload them to here: http://forum.ccleaner.com/style_images/4/folder_team_icons/ Then in the ACP... Manage User Groups > Edit Admin and Mod groups And simply make it read for admin: style_images/Lunarsoft.net/folder_team_icons/CCAdmin.png And for Mods: style_images/Lunarsoft.net/folder_team_icons/CCMod.png
  4. Just razzin ya dude. I do the same. Auto Updates have always been off for my pc. That's how i never got that stupid WGA Notification stuff. I even have it down to the rough time it occurs.
  5. Shame they come out on the second Tuesday of the month.
  6. If you saved the registry backups as prompted before cleaning the registry, simply double-click them and click Yes on the message box that appears to restore the recently removed items to the registry.
  7. Unfortunately, CCleaner does not span drives other than the default C. (Verifying this information...) Also, Opera 9 is now located in this directory: "C:\Program Files\Opera 9\Opera.exe"
  8. Confirmed for Opera 9, due to new locations.
  9. You're quite welcome.
  10. I recently paired AIM AdHack with AIMutation and it works like a dream. (Supports tabbed convos too)
  11. Or better yet, XMPlay. XMPlay Support
  12. Which directory is not having the temp files removed?
  13. You may want to download and scan with Avast. Get rid of Norton; it causes more problems than it's worth. Should you need any help, please post a reply in this thread.
  14. What you're asking about is the Saved Forms under Firefox and AutoComplete in Internet Explorer. Soo. Under the Windows tab of CCleaner apply a checkmark to "Autocomplete Form History" and "Recently Typed URLs". Under the Applications tab, under Firefox apply a checkmark to "Saved Form Information".
  15. It is not a part of the Windows OS. Not even Google can find any results on the file. Additionally, I searched for the file name on my computer and the Microsoft DLL Help database with no results.
  16. Hammer time! (Cue the cheesy music) Do you have any registry keys appearing with "funny looking" symbols?
  17. Go to Start > Run > sfc.exe /purgecache Next, you may need Unlocker to help you delete the infected file. After you delete the file, run sfc.exe /purgecache once more.
  18. Recently Typed URLs for IE. Saved Form Information for Firefox.
  19. Did you reboot after installing them?
  20. Though SymNRT says it will remove Norton AV 2003-2006, it can still remove some parts. In addition, Rnav2003.exe Rnav2003.exe does not remove the following items: The files or registry keys for the virus definitions Subscription information Entries in Windows Scheduled Tasks Other shared files This article will tell you how to remove Norton Anti-Virus 2003 or earlier.
  21. I wouldn't be surprised. Although after I warm up I get very sneaky and scare people. I once scared my best bud (who has trained me in some CS stuff) so bad, when he saw me he kinda threw his mouse which made his character spin around as I killed him. I've been having a monthly desktop screenshot thread on Lunarsoft.net for a while now; it's kinda interesting to see what people use.
  22. Last week's Firefox introduced a bug to the browser. According to online notes of the company's weekly development meeting, a fix to Firefox included in last week's injected a new bug that stopped the Windows Media Player plug-in from working on some sites. To fix the new flaw, Mozilla will unveil Firefox Tuesday night "if everything goes smoothly," read minutes from the weekly status meeting held Monday afternoon. The update will be posted on the Mozilla site for download and pushed to current users via the browser's built-in automatic update tool.
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