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  1. CaPMan had you add that, right?
  2. ...you mean you didn't know that viruses can replicate themselves, alter and modify files and much worse? I figured that would be common knowledge.
  3. Go to Bookmarks > Manage/Organize Bookmarks. Next, click File > Export... Choose your location and save. If you're unable to run Firefox for some reason, depending on your version of the browser it can be stored in the following locations: Firefox 1.x - 1.5.0.x: %AppData%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\xxxxxxx.default (So basically for a user such as Example: C:\Documents and Settings\Example\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\xxxxxxx.default Firefox 2 Beta 1: C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox 2 Beta 1\defaults\profile
  4. Which means... nothing. The anti-virus has to be updated to detect viruses. You should know that most users don't know how to update their anti-virus/anti-malware software. Even in your own guide you had to include instructions on how to update. Did you stop to think of all the reasons as to why Avast wasn't able to find a virus? Nah, just wanted to try to make some flame-bait and attempt to bash a perfectly good product without actual proof that the software fails to work as advertised. With Avast, it can very easily be set to update automatically (though it does by default). Open Avast Settings > Settings... Updates (Basic) > Select Auto for Database and Program. Details > Select Silent and uncheck all the checkboxes. Updates (Connections) > Set as needed. Simple huh? Let's get some irrefutable proof next time, eh?
  5. Autopatcher also contains all of the updates (ever) and allows you to manually install them.
  6. Dial-a-fix also has a Flush Icons feature in the Tools section. Under it he has this information:
  7. I used to use that but I didn't find it to be as friendly as Avast or as thorough. Avast does better overall and is extremely user-friendly. In addition it is very light on resources. E-Trust has a year subscription whereas Avast is always free. There are even forum members whom have switched to Avast from other anti-virus products. This link discusses how one member switched from AVG to Avast.
  8. Windows XP has the ability to display desktop icon labels with a transparent background and drop-shadow effect. When you have a nice picture for a desktop background, this looks a lot better than having the labels backed by blocky rectangles of the default desktop color. Sometimes, though, even when you have the system configured to use drop shadows, you still get those ugly rectangles. This occurs when your configuration requires use of a feature called Active Desktop. In earlier versions of Windows, you could turn this feature on and off; in Windows XP, it's enabled automatically when needed. To turn it off, you need to find out why it got turned on. He's actually referring to the icon labels themselves; not the icons. I've seen this issue here on CCleaner before (but was unable to locate the old post).
  9. If you need any further assistance, please don't hesitate to ask. Should you need alternatives to replace what you were using; I can recommend some excellent freeware.
  10. There are a few reasons as to why you have desktop icons without transparency. Your desktop background is a transparent or animated GIF image; you have placed Web content on the desktop; or you have chosen to lock Web content on the desktop. You can check for and correct all three in the Display Properties dialog, invoked by right-clicking on the desktop and choosing Properties. First click the Desktop tab, select one of the default Windows background images, and click Apply. Next, click the Customize Desktop button and click the Web tab in the resulting Desktop Items dialog box. If there are any checked items in the Web pages list, uncheck them. Also uncheck the Lock desktop items checkbox. Click OK, and OK again. Your desktop icons should now have a transparent background for their labels, with a drop-shadow effect.
  11. Hi drew, you'll want to refer to this page to completely remove Norton.
  12. Have you tried going to your Display Properties and setting it to 32 bit?
  13. mr_samuel, You can refer to the Add a program to winapp2.ini which will teach you how to manage the winapp2.ini file.
  14. I do believe it means they are going to ensure that the PC's are using Genuine Windows License keys rather than the FCKGW mess. It is poorly worded however.
  15. 2. No Warez (links) & Cracks. Help, requests or posts that discuss circumvention. This includes linking to illegally obtained software, movies & music files - posting about it, and suggesting to get it. ----- If you want to see it, buy it when it comes out on DVD. [ Closed ]
  16. Would the forums also be acceptable, DjLizard?
  17. That's not for registry cleaners though, it's just for cleaner programs. The title says, "Cleaner Program Poll 2006" Unfortunately, that poll doesn't answer the question of the best registry cleaner. Personally, I would recommend RegCompact.NET as it's totally free and does everything NTREGOPT does, but more. Also, on the site is a list of other Registry Cleaners.
  18. Found more information on it. It was a Security CD released back in April of 2004. The CD containing the free AV software is based on the Computer Associates "Armor LE" anti-virus software product and it comes with one year of free a/v signature updates.
  19. Have fun making that DVD, because Microsoft isn't going to give out alternative software. And yes, it'll be a DVD because of all the components Vista will have. They have however given out a Security CD before that had an Anti-Virus and Firewall on it, but they were terrible. The firewall was just ZoneAlarm, with is extremely buggy, has tons of memory leak issues and more. The Anti-Virus was something equally poor.
  20. To take a screenshot fo your error. Press Alt+PrtScrn, then open MSPaint (Start > Run > mspaint) and paste the image. Next, go to File -> Save As... and save it as a *.jpg
  21. Been using FF2B1 here for a while, only issue I had was BugMeNot caused a few things to crash, but no biggie. Session manager built in, spellcheck. It rocks.
  22. Wow that's sad. It's already useless. Firefox 2 Beta 1 supports full spellcheck.
  23. Tried it on my VPC, so many false positives it's a joke.
  24. Have you tried installing it in the default C:\Program Files\ directory?
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