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  1. I've just received a fairly twisted spam on a disposable address that I set up solely for this forum. To all those suggesting that this is the result of random email generation I don't think you've really thought it through. It is possible, but it is excruciatingly unlikely given that these are not hotmail addresses or similar. I think the earlier point that the original servers may have been insecurely recycled might explain both the leak and the fact that those affected seem to be of certain forum age.
  2. Tom G

    DOS Filenames?

    Thanks for responding, and the suggestion, will give Teracopy a go, especially as they have a portable version! I also use Copy Handler a lot which is brilliant but hasn't been updated in years so was trying out some actively developed alternatives. Wasn't able to come up with anything useful on the DOS filenames front. I'll just have to watch all those episodes of Pingu and guess at the names...
  3. Tom G

    DOS Filenames?

    Just used Recuva 1.31.437 to recover 230 files immediately after I deleted them. (FYI: If you use Synkron to move files and the destination isn't valid, it will delete the whole smegging lot!). So pleased I had recuva to hand (again) so first off thankyou! I did however notice that about 2/3 of the recovered files are restored with their oldstyle DOS filenames (i.e. 8 characters max, all in capitals). Is this known behaviour of Recuval, a bug or the way Synkron went about deleting the files? More importantly for my purposes: Can anyone think of a way of getting the original names back? They are all video files and I would have to watch them to work out which episode! Thanks, Tom
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