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  1. Why dont you let the user choose whether to as a preoption use 2 or 3 tabs and group content accordingly? More important is what after that choice comes in those tabs, and how these choices work. The example should just give you the idea. Besides... the former input was not a complaint, it was just a mere observation of how things are now. And by no means was that a hijacking attempt in any way of this topic. (Sorry because of the fact I have another native language, maybe that confuses understanding when/if things don't come out too well?)
  2. Hi. Here's an example of an annoyance because of deficiency when you cannot specify your choices well enough: How do I tell CCleaner to compact the Firefox -.sqlite files, but leave the Thunderbird .sqlites alone? It is annoying to the extreme when CCleaner starts compacting the global-messages-db.sqlite, especially if that db is on another computer (ie. on a network computer) and/or the db-file is a very large one. There should be a difference in what the program touches and what not, therefore the setting "Firefox/Mozilla" as such is insufficient if you chose to optionally compact the databases.
  3. I still have not found the answer to the problem that starts already when installing. I'm by default *not* using the english language and wish *only* to have the right langxxx.dll installed as I do, no other ones. The english tags along by default anyway. So this is a matter of developing the installer... - not a question on how to give the user some extra work
  4. Hi. There is a translation into finnish using a dll -file. It has however two buttons which in english are called "Pause" and "Stop". In finnish both now are called "Pys?yt?" for some reason. They should be called "Keskeyt?" and "Pys?yt?", so the one on the left is translated wrong. Because the corrected word would be one letter too long, I did not edit the lang-1035.dll with a hexeditor. When I install the program to work in finnish, that is the only dll -file needed to be copied in the installation. Yet and still the installation program copies damn many unnecessary files into the subfolder, which is annoying. Could the not needed ones finally be left out, or then the user first asked how to set up the installation? BTW. this goes for all Piriform programs. -KP
  5. I'd very much like to avoid totally unnecessary files on my drives. When, and especially after installing, one comes across an annoyance. After specificly choosing the language which to use, the installation regardlessly copies all the lang-dlls to the lang -subfolder. Why is this? They are not ever needed unless told so already when installing. There is no point with a suggestion "just in case you would need serbocroatioan tomorrow..." if you have ie. chosen portuguese and spanish - no, you should be able to optionally have just the one or the amount of languages you choose when you install without the unnecessary annoying good for nothings. This goes for the other Piriform software too, I've noticed. Yes, I know for example Windows has extremely many unnecessary files too installed as default... but this forum is restricted to Piriform...
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