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  1. I wasn't happy with this and found it buggy my side (my luck)
  2. I'm quite happy with FF3...however would happily go with Opera if it had something like Adblock Plus.
  3. I have had a look through the programs offered, but I suppose the value of this site simply makes one more aware. And you can pick up a simple game to pass the odd hour or so too.
  4. Thought this would be useful to share: http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/ http://game.giveawayoftheday.com/
  5. A recent antivirus testing session conducted by AV-Test.org, a German testing group, revealed that the best security solution in the entire world is neither ? as we would have expected ? Kaspersky nor NOD32, but WebWasher. The study was meant to test the anti-malware functions of 29 security products and require them to scan 606.901 infected files. As PC Magazine mentioned, the main goal was to analyze only the detection functions, not the cleaning ones, because most of the products were configured for the highest level of security. According to the same source, the test included 68.864 backdoors, 407.487 Trojan files, 47.891 bots and 82.659 worms. The results were quite amazing because WebWasher was the best product with no more than 99.83 percent for the detected viruses while the weakest one was Computer Associates's eTrust-VET with 62.12 percent. "AV-Test.org, an independent testing group at the Otto-von-Guericke-University (Magdeburg, Germany), tested 29 anti-malware products with a very large set of files (606,901 to be specific). All products were last updated on Friday, May 18th, prior to the test. Only current malware was used, meaning all samples were seen in the last 12 months. Only Win32 malware, not 16-bit Windows or DOS, was used, and all malware had to be functional, as opposed to corrupted or benign samples," PC Magazine said. As you can see WebWasher managed to earn the first position in the test, while more famous products were relegated to lower places. For example, the famous NOD32 was placed on the 16th position with a 88.32 detection rate, while Sophos recorded only 81.75 percent. F-Secure received the 4th position with 97.93 percent, being followed by Symantec ? 97.77 percent and Kaspersky with 97.64 percent. The software giant Microsoft was placed among the weakest applications with a shocking result: 80.56 percent. Here for chart.., (work is blocking my upload)
  6. Personally, I don't find these Ads at all intrusive, but hey, pays (pun!) to be informed. >>> "All you need to do is to include the "output=googleabout" parameter into your Google search URL." Here's an example... Full article
  7. Ditto on that. I have been pleased ever since my transition from Firefox (not to say Firefox isn't great). New_Age >> I see your avatar of IE7Pro...comments on it?
  8. "No, it is not a joke. It is instead a genuine recommendation from Microsoft. Simply forget about Internet Explorer 7 and download Internet Explorer 6.0 Service Pack 1 instead. The previous version of the Microsoft browser is alive and clicking and with an active download link. Just what users need." See article...
  9. Thanks for this. I see many were prepared to take the plunge given the bold statements by the company. One did comment on PC World not being worth it anymore. I tend to agree given this last article. Isn't it irresponsible journalism where you publish something so bold and the only source of info you write on is from the company itself? Where is the propoer research taking in other commentary from AV's providers? Where are tests to test this company's statements? I tend to see this irresponsibility in many forms of journalism and unfortunately it's all about freedom of speech.
  10. I know this is deviating slightly off topic, but their support remains to be tested, well at least in my country. I have this irksome problem. HP simply will not update the drivers for their laptops. I'm still sitting with a 2006 driver for my Intel graphics card because the one on the Intel site won't work because of the third-party status my driver has. Anyway. That was a just a rant and rave...still waiting for HP to provide feedback on the matter.
  11. Jawbax

    ie7pro 0.9.14

    Unfortunately I have to use it for the odd website as some are simply not compatible with Opera. Thanks for the link though
  12. I dropped it a long time ago in favour of Kaspersky, Opera and savvy surfing. I know someone raised awhile back if anyone actually stills gets any spyware. Bottomline is avoiding notable sites that hoard spyware.
  13. Jawbax


    I appreciate you putting this out there as a freeware application, however continual updates may be considered overkill Imagine all posters informing us of the updates to their suggestions...
  14. Kaspersky Internet Suite PowerArchiver Microsoft Office Deepburner Pro Regsupreme Pro SPSS (Stats programs where decent, user friendly, ones are hard to come by)
  15. The problem with this is that the 7z format is not de facto currently, so even though I can personally play around with the 7z, with business related practices I have to use the good ol .zip format.
  16. Warm and fuzzy feeling from hearing my Kaspersky software is present there.
  17. I used to only use 7-zip. I think you basically need to ascertain what formats your compressed files will be. If memory serves ZipGenius caters for more formats than 7-zip. I know this hardly adds any value, but I currently use PowerArchiver
  18. Thanks for this...I was always under the impression that it should be enabled, given the advice from the TweakGuides Tweaking Companion. As you menitioned...one less resource sapper.
  19. Incredibly interesting read. Thanks Humpty!
  20. I also get Gizmo's newsletter monthly. Thought about you Humpty when he awarded Sandboxie the prize.
  21. I currently use System Mechanic 6 Pro. I know that most users here are not keen on the one-button solutions and I completely agree with these sentiments. However I haven't had any problems with it and it's a great time saver. What got me to also buy this product was the inclusion of the Kaspersky Antivirus and Firewall. Turned out to be a great deal personally. Now System Mechanic 7 Pro is out. However they have gone independent with both their virus and firewall solutions. They use the West Coast Labs Checkmark-Certified log on their website and this is basically the only "reassurance" I have of their products. The tweaking and cleaning modules I'm completely happy with. It's the virus and firewall modules that concern me. Really would like your opinions on this. Gut feel tells me to stick to what I'm safe with. However I don't want to write-off these guys just yet... Thanks.
  22. Actually I wanted to apologise for posting this topic. Never had a chance to edit my post as only getting to it now, but was too "trigger happy" and never checked it out myself.
  23. Hey all... Not sure if any are aware but you can download the Vista themes for XP. Personally haven't tried it yet...but tempted to...
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