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  1. Yes. Good result. Glad there's a forum of fellow users to get assistance from. Many thanks and may the force continue to be with you!
  2. Hey mta. I uninstalled DF with Revo uninstaller just for GP's. Re-installed from the piriform site and scheduling a scan is functional. AMAZING! That very informative error message has vanished. I drove the heathen to the fringes of the earth. Thanks again.
  3. I agree the error message is worthless. Unless your psychic. I've had earlier versions of DF where it would'nt work either and a few it seemed to work perfectly on. I'm not going to mess around to much with it. DF does its job otherwise and I really cant complain. I was just curious that it might be a bug in this version but if it works fine on your machine then its probally my machine. I thank you for replying.
  4. Sorry about that mta. Here it is.
  5. Re:Vista Home Premium w/sp2 Defraggler Version: v2.14.706 Whenever I try to schedule a scan I get an internal error message and defraggler can't schedule the scan. I included a pic of error message if this will be of any help. Has anyone else run into this? Any feedback appreciated.
  6. Re: What have you done to this program? Never mind. I'm sure its just microsoft . Piriform you were one of the best. Never mind what operating system I have. You Bolo'd Thanks for doing everything but getting your head out of your {censored}. When can I expect CCleaner to follow suit?
  7. Could someone please shed a little light on this function of "Benchmark Drive" in defraggler ? I've searched around your site and can't seem to find a morsel. I'm having no issues just seeking information. Thanks for any info.
  8. Re: Vista Home Premium 32bit sp2. Just confirming 2.10.424 is working just fine. Boot defrag issue resolved. Many thanks. You folks are right on the ball and this user appreciates your efforts.
  9. Re: Vista Home Premium 32bit As of Defraggler 2.10.413. Having the same issue as all of the others with the boot time defrag. Hope this will be fixed soon.
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