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    Version 5.35 ?

    Well it did change if its "pushing" the update rather than having the user go get it. Its done it for two new versions so who knows if they'll go back to how it was. Honestly I've never seen a program with so many updates. Are there that many changes to cleaning temporary internet files? I should have stayed with an older version then never would have had this issue.
  2. bru20

    Version 5.35 ?

    When did the upgrade process change? When I opened the program this morning I was told 5.34.x was available and was asked "Would you like to install the update now?" Clicking "Yes" immediately installed the new version. Previously I was asked if I wanted to visit the website to download the new version. I much prefer the old method. That way I could see what had been changed, wait a few days to see if there were any issues, have a copy of the new version on my computer, etc. I suppose I will have to disable "Automatically check for updates for CCleaner" now and make a habit of visiting the website to see if there is a new version.
  3. I cleaned the Trojan. When I check the Registry I see no "Agomo". If I am understanding correct you are saying my AV flagged this trojan because the entire version was blacklisted. Yet because I am running the 64-bit my system was not infected. So you are telling me to ignore my AV and be assured I am not infected. Sorry, but that's a big leap of faith you are asking me to take.
  4. edit: When I open the program it clearly shows "(64-bit)" after the version. So I am indeed running the 64-bit version yet I was infected. You need to immediately retract your statement that only 32-bit systems were infected. If this trojan was only included in the 32-bit download of 5.33 someone please explain why ALL of my 64-bit systems were infected? My 64-bit systems are monitored and cleaned regularly. Yesterday, every one of them showed the Floxif trojan. I think someone needs to reevaluate what information is being put out as you are falsely implying people were not compromised when they clearly were. edit: I see posts saying that even if the 32-bit version is downloaded, it should run 64-bit when executed and therefore there would not have been an infection. As I stated all of my systems are 64-bit yet I was infected. I download my CCleaner direct from Piriform. Am I not getting the correct version for my systems? I don't see multiple versions. The main question that people are asking seems to be "Am I affected if I'm using the 64-bit, what happens because the 32-bit is installed? What happens if I ran the 32-bit version?" The answer to this is that no matter which .exe you run, if 64-bit can be run on your machine, it will be the one that runs. Opening the 32-bit will just launch the 64-bit version so you really shouldn't worry. Like I said, all my systems are 64-bit and ALL were infected. So clearly there is something not right with either your program or your thinking the 64-bit version was safe. This is where I download the program. I see no 32 or 64-bit options. https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/download or https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner
  5. CCleaner user for a long time. Noticed on all my computers that newer versions don't work properly. Maybe "hang" isn't the right term but it takes forever to clean being the main problem. Much longer than it should. I go back to a previous version (5.23.5808 seems to work for me) and it works fine. This happened with both 5.24 and 5.25. If it was on one machine I wouldn't have made this connection but since it is happening on different machines I have to think something is not right with these latest versions. Hoping the next update resolves this. edit: I didn't mention that I have Win 10 AU on all computers. I just spent some time trying to figure this out and I seem to be having the problem with older versions as well. I can clean the computer and immediately use the program again and it gets stuck cleaning. The only thing that will get it to work is a restart of the computer or an uninstall/reinstall of the program. I do think there is a problem with this program and its interaction with Windows 10.
  6. OK I can buy that related to the microSD and FAT32 but what about the items I tried to recover from the Recycle Bin? They had been deleted literally minutes earlier and again most said unrecoverable. No way could they have been rewritten that quick.
  7. I have had several Piriform programs for many years but today I finally installed Recuva. So what am I doing wrong? I deleted a video file from a microSD card while it was connected to my computer and immediately tried to recover it and Recuva said it was "unrecoverable". I literally did nothing else but open Recuva after it was deleted. It shows it was overwritten by a file that hasn't been on the card for months. I did go to advanced and tried to recover it and after 10 minutes it said it was "partly recovered" but the video will not open or play in WMP. I also tried to recover items I deleted from the Recycle Bin (which I imagine is pretty common) and it said most were unrecoverable. Would this happen with the Pro version? edit: I just did another test. Deleted a video file from the microSD card. Immediately opened Recuva. It classified it's state as "poor". I recovered it to my computer and WMP could not open it. It was a corrupted/useless file. Seems like this program won't work for the very things it would be needed.
  8. Well of course it offered it today. I know other programs sometimes take a while before updates are offered through the internal updater (although that's not exactly what CCleaner's is).
  9. Normally CCleaner tells me a new version is available to download. I see v3.21 has been available for eight days yet no reminder when I start the program (daily). I do have "automatically check for updates to CCleaner" ticked.
  10. MSE was telling me I was potentially unprotected because a scan had not recently been run. All other aspects (real time protection, etc. ) were functioning. MSE uses logs to determine if scans have taken place. Just like any other program would do. For you to say these are "obsolete" if in fact they serve a purpose is wrong. CCleaner deleted those logs so as far as MSE was concerned no scan had taken place. I vote against CCleaner on this one.
  11. MSE was working perfect for me for seven months. Then CCleaner's upgrade made it give me a warning that led me on a chase to figure out why. I should have paid more attention to what was included in the upgrade but it also seems to me Piriform should have known deleting logs would trigger a warning and that users would be concerned.
  12. At this analysis it was just a scan result. I could add it to the exclude this but then I wonder if each result will be a different file. Guess I will just leave it unchecked.
  13. Understood. The way it currently functions, if I allow CCleaner to clean the MS Antimalware I will get a warning that I am "potentially unprotected" until I run a another scan. My question is are the MSE logs all it cleans? If it cleans other things also I can see allowing it to clean and live with the warning until I rescan to eliminate it. But if it doesn't clean anything else besides the logs I will leave it unchecked. Do you know if it cleans other things besides logs in MSE?
  14. This also got me. I couldn't figure out why MSE was telling me I hadn't run a scan even though I just did. Of course I was running CCleaner in between. In trying to solve it I upgraded to the new MSE which just came out. Earlier than I would have liked. At least I didn't uninstall/reinstall which would have been my next move. My question is what was CCleaner envisioning by adding MS Antimalware to Applications? If I have to uncheck it to avoid the program giving me an error what else might it have cleaned (besides logs) that will now have to stay?
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