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  1. I upgraded to the latest Crap Cleaner. I tried to use the add remove from startup feature. Firstly it wouldn't prompt me if I want to remove it. Secondly there is a problem with the check marks. Instead of removing the ones I selected, it removed all of the items from startup. I went back to the previous version with no problems.I'm using Windows XP Home SP3.
  2. I went back to the previous version, the problem went away. Also this issue temporarily borked my IE7 install and accessing the Internet Control Panel. I had to reboot to fix it. That all being said, why doesn't this problem happen in CCleaner 1.34.407
  3. I'm using CCleaner 1.35.424 on a Windows XP box. I'm getting this error when I click on analyze or run cleaner.
  4. I figured out the issue. Since the Opera 9 installation had been installing into folder Opera 9 beta, crap cleaner could not clean it. When I installed Opera 9 into folder named Opera..crap cleaner recognized it.
  5. It seems even though the new Crap Cleaner supports Opera 9. It is not cleaning the cache,cookies etc. I tried re-installing Crap Cleaner to no avail. Opera for Windows 9.0 Build 8455 Beta CCleaner (Crap Cleaner) 1.30.310
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