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  1. I think that DarrenShan has a great idea, but i can also see the point that hazelnut made. I sometimes do it manually. What if Ccleaner gave you the choice of cleaning out the event logs?
  2. Nergal, no its ok here, but it would be nice to install software without other junk. If i want junk i would find it for myself. Thank you all.....
  3. I am new to this forum so please be patient with me. i did infact send this direct to Piriform but was asked via email to post it here. It may sound somewhat negative my comment, but if i wanted BETA software then i would get it myself. I shall paste here what i sent earlier:- Dear Sir or Madam. Today i have downloaded your new version of Ccleaner, but i installed Chrome by accident. I have to say that it bothers me greatly that such a good product as Ccleaner, why taint it by adding Google Chrome. Everybody i speak to say that these extra programs are a real pain in the wotsit. Also i may point out that there are security issues with chrome & also may i say that if Google had any confidence in there product then it would not still be in BETA. Kindest Regards
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