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  1. Cool. I just checked out that Leaktester results. Those were pretty nice, and all in favor for Kaspersky.
  2. Wow, Miranda IM looks pretty sweet. Do you think it's better than Gaim? (Link) ~Ron
  3. Both hardware and software firewalls. Hardware Firewall: Alpha Shield Software Firewall: Kaspersky Internet Security
  4. I just found the best firewall ever! Kaspersky! Their main website is here. http://www.kaspersky.com Kaspersky Firewall is excellent! Norton, McAfee, ZoneAlarm, BlackIce take up sooo much space and ram on your computer and takes around 20 or 30 seconds to load (on my computer) but unlike kaspersky, it's not a resource hog nor slow at catching/blocking unwanted data. My Task Manager: Is your commit charge as low as mine? I'm running two programs in this picture other than the firewall. I'm running Spybot's TeaTimer.exe, uTorrent.exe (a BitTorrent program), and of course, Mozilla's Firefox.exe. It's very easy to allow or block something in Kaspersky and when you try to open Kaspersky, it opens up as fast as if it were a text file on your desktop! Also, you can set a number of parameters that you can not with Norton. None of the other firewalls have explicit means of blocking attacks such as the Ping Of Death or the ever so hated DDos and such. Block Every Kind of Attack: Packet Filtering Rules: Application Rules: No more constant Command Prompt's Netstat to see who's logging into your computer! This shows real time established connections! At the stores, it's $69.95. They might change it, so here is where their most current price is. http://usa.kaspersky-labs.com/products/internet-security.php You can get Kaspersky for only $30.00 if you buy System Mechanic Professional 6 at your local store. That's how I got it. And both those programs kick as-s! I say it's worth the money, but naturally, you can form your own opinion. I just hope I helped somebody. ~Ron
  5. Would you really want to risk your computer? Especially when firefox is pretty similar to IE and has so many extra features. I heard IE 7 Beta 2 has a lot of the same features, but it's huge! I have clicked on a link once (with javascript to not let me see where it was going) and when I clicked on it, it took me to a crack website. I thought I was going to get spyware, you know? I didn't, I checked my computer with norton, mcfee, spybot, spyware blaster, and everything else on my computer. I talked to my friend about it, since this link was on ebaums world, and he said he had clicked the same thing, and his startpage kept changing, and he had obtained a lot of spyware. Guess what he was using... Internet Explorer. So why take a chance?
  6. I never said they never updated. I said Hardly ever updated. Looks like crap was just my opinion, you can have your own. Andavari, Oh I didn't know that. I knew about the IE tab, just never really bothered with it. I'll edit the first post though.
  7. Here's a quote I found funny. "Fat people are brilliant in bed. If they are sitting on top of you, who's going to argue?"
  8. How about CCleaner acting like an install manager. Let's say... you downloaded a .exe file called uhh Spybot.exe or something and had it in C:\Downloads\. Then you right click on spybot.exe and click on Open With CCleaner and CCleaner will scan the registry and files and folders on your computer and then install spybot.exe and then scan the registry and files and folders again and next time when you want to remove spybot from your computer. All you do is open up CCleaner and uninstall it. This will uninstall it completely. There is a program called Total Uninstall 3 that does that, but you have to pay for it. There are also other version but again, you have to pay for it. If a feature in CCleaner like this was available, I'm sure A LOT of people would download it. Hope this is helpful!
  9. Most people get viruses from Internet Explorer. Why keep using it? It has terrible security, crashes many times, and pretty much to sum it up: It blows. So why not go and use other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox. Look at these positives and negatives of each browser. It's amazing how bad a browser can suck when there is even a smaller browser that came out in 2004 (firefox) which is about 1000x times better. Firefox + Very easy to customize and style + Internet Options very simple to manage + A nice Bookmarks toolbar + Able to install many many extensions which are on the mozilla.org website. Each extension/add-on is checked. + VERY VERY VERY SECURE! + Big fixes and a nice forum to help you with any trouble you "think" you encounter with firefox. + Uses fewer resources than IE + Built in Search Engines for easy searching with Google, Yahoo!, and many more. You can even add more search engines. + Superb popup block feature + Able to block images from websites so you can get rid of those annoying fastclick.net and many other ads + Can open new windows in tabs, so you don't have to have 500 windows open anymore. + Almost all languages suppoted! - Can't do Windows Updates UNLESS you have the IE Tab extension installed. (In conclusion, whatever Firefox doesn't have, there is an extension for it, so you can have everything!) Firefox Screenshot - .png file about 150 KB Internet Explorer + The only browser able to use Windows Updates + Comes with XP and you don't have to download or install it unless it gets corrupted which happens to many. - VERY VERY VERY EASY TO HACK - Looks like crap - Doesn't have that many features - So many bugs - Hardly ever updated - Whenever a feature is added, it has 100 more bugs they need to solve C'mon, guess which browser I use. I use IE only for Windows Updates. You decide which one you want. Let me just say one last thing, so many viruses that come out almost daily infect IE first because so many people use it, cause they don't know any better. However, the same virus/adware would most likely be blocked by the good ol' fox! Click here to Download Firefox. Scroll down to see the features more in depth. And yes, firefox is free. And if you STILL think IE is better then look at this nice little Firefox Flick. Let your decision be wise. ~Ron PS: Firefox sure must be good for someone to create a website called www.firefoxflicks.com with 1000s of firefox animations to promote it. Thank you Andavari for helping.
  10. I know lol. It's a google joke. They don't like him and most people don't like him either. I guess you do though.
  11. Go to www.google.com and type in the word "failure" without quotations and then click on "I'm feeling lucky". See what you get.
  12. More flaws in Window's Security!? lol. I'm glad I switched to linux. Ubuntu Linux rocks.
  13. Hello all, I have BitComet running on my computer, and when I run ccleaner (usually daily), I keep seeing that the extension .torrent is not used and it is used lol. Well the first time I found it, I 'fixed' it. Then rebooted, ran ccleaner again and it found .torrent file extension was not being used.. again. It was found in this registry directory. HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\FileExts\.torrent It's not that big of a deal, but it is a little annoying. Thank you. ~Ron
  14. Oh sorry Humtpy, I guess I didn't understand what you were saying. Really WinXP doesn't back up eevrything in registry? Aww that's a shame. What about System Mechanic? It backed it up for me, so I don't know lol. Cool Erunt is freeware and I'm taking your word for it that it fully backs up registry. Thank you Andavari. I'll add it to the tutorial. Tarun, why do you want this thread locked? As you can see we're making progress on how to make it better. Do you not like me? ~Ron
  15. Humpty, That is the point. If something messes up, then the registry back up will restore it to the point before this tutorial. Let's say the person editting the registry screws up on adding one of the D_WORD registry entries and puts it into the wrong place and somehow stops them from connecting to the internet or something. So now they can use their registry back up to get back to that original state. If you would like, I could just add some freeware software links to help people who want imaging/cloning software. Thanks for bringing it up though. Lordoftheweb, what's wrong? No one is fighting anymore. We're all happy happy joy joy.
  16. Update: I'm creating a wiki on this, so next time I'll just post a link.
  17. DjLizard, I wa being realistic. You don't need sources, it's common knowledge. I was exagerating a little, but microsoft certainly has problems in the 1000s, which is way different than any other operating system. I'm not really in the mood to debate it though, just search on google for Why Microsoft Sucks or just microsoft sucks in quotes lol. I'm sure you will get many. Hazelnut, Sorry about that. I was very tired and I didn't read what you said correctly, so I just posted out of anger lol. Straight 8 hours doing a very hard project for History has got me dead tired. Well, glad that's over. Tarun, you are just the sweetest thing aren't you? Andavari, your loss. And no problem Tom. I have posted this on several other security forums too and I got more appreciation there. I don't really care for the appreciation, I just want to try and help take down the percentage of infected computers with just a few manual tweaks.
  18. I agree. Gaim is much better than AIM. More secure, no ads, no extra junk. Triton installs so much crap. Gaim is what.. 2 MB or so lol.
  19. Ugh, I typed up a reply and the page crashed on me. Well I'll rewrite it.. DjLizard, You made it sond like everything has problems. And you're right, but what I was saying was specifically to Microsoft. Microsoft has millins of other issues the others don't even have, and you pretty much said that they are all the same. Catch my drift man? - Not trying to be sarcastic either. Lordoftheweb, I agree. CaPMan, That's cool for DjLizard. Lordoftheweb, Me too. krit86lr, Me too. TheTOM_SK, Thanks for the extra info Tom. I'll add that as a disclaimer. Also, these tweaks are public knowledge. If you want them on your website, go ahead and upload it. Copy/paste the html or whatever. It's all yours man. Well, well. Hazel Nut, Thank you. You are very sweet. Glenn, You may be right. I have a gateway computer and it comes with preinstalled crap and such, and maybe something like that had an effect. Then again, when I discovered this crappy behavior of the games, I decided to check other computers. A dell computer with XP Home had also MSN Gaming Zone which had Freecell and other games trying to connect to the internet every now and then. I checked on my friend's computer which was AMD Athlon with XP Professional and it also had MSN Gaming Zone. I have gotten this information from Norton firewall. But.. maybe the firewall is lying lol, but I don't know. Age does play a roll. When I said 30, I meant someone with experience. People fresh out of college think they know everything and are not the right people to ask. People who have been in the software engineering field with a good amount of years of experience would tell you what I told you. DjLizard made to seem like nothing when he was displaying that everything had problems, but I already knew that. Nothing new. What I was saying was that Microsoft specifically had some major issues. Microsoft - 112,121,930 problems Linux - maybe 8 or 10 problems Apple - around 15 perhaps problems Unix - 3 or 4 problems I see a noticable difference... Hmm very interesting. ~Ron
  20. Glenn. I'm sorry, but it's true. If you have Norton, you can see that freecell and other games are trying to connect to the internet trying to send out information from your computer to microsoft leaving a huge hole open. krit86lr I'm sorry you feel that way. Seems like all the girls have turned into horrible mangy cats that won't give chances. Lordoftheweb and DJpailo you are good people. Thank you for welcoming me. I wish there were more warm people like you on forums. Also, yesterday I had my computer tested by 3 or 4 hackers and the only way they could get in at first by Ddosing, but all the other holes were blocked. Then I used System Mechanic 6 professional and turned off Ddosing on my computer, and then checked it again. Finally a stable very hard to hack operating system. TheTOMsk Value 1 will just restrict anonymous people, but value 2 will restrict enumerating accounts also. Source and holy s**t. Thank you for pointing that out. That value should be 0! Thank you thank you! Editted and fixed. ~Ron Microsoft is known to have problems. You sir are very oblivious to your surroundings. Please talk to someone who is in the engineering field and over the age of 30 so they can tell you about reality on computers. Linux OS has a lot less problems. Don't be oblivious man... It just gets under my skin and makes me insane lol. ~Ron
  21. Yeah I am lol but can you blame me? EVERYONE has problems with Microsoft! Did you know that the games on your microsoft XP computer try to connect ot the internet? I'm talking about the ones that are Single player like Freecell!!! WTF? Try deleting the directory where the games are stored: C:\Program Files\MSN Game Zone\Windows 3 seconds after you kill them, they suddenly reappear. They are impossible to get rid of... I think I can delete them with System Mechanic, but since I have a firewall, they can't connect to the internet anyways. So... kind of a side issue for now. Maybe if I become rich enough, I can dich Microsoft and get a Mac. They are too expensive though.
  22. Well don't bother arguing with me man. Why bother? Just go and enable it. Problem solved.
  23. DCOM protocol is different from the DCOM service. I said to disable the protocol, nothing there about the service. Yes Command prompt will still work. I have these twekas right here on this computer, no problems. Been using it with the tweaks for about 4 months. Thank you for the help though. Don't disable error reporting? Well If you want to send in every error windows brings up, you'll be on the computer forever man. I added a small description of the error reporting service though, incase anyone wants to use it, they shouldn't disable it.
  24. I'm just trying to help. No one has to do this. They may choose to. These tweaks are from many different websites and have been proven to work fine. The only thing that can go wrong is that you will not be able to connect to the internet. If you can't, simply double click on the registry backup you made and reboot. If you still can't connect, then just go back to a previous restore point. So you're all set. Thank you for welcoming me Andavari.
  25. Thank you so much for welcoming me into this community. You are just so kind. Almost as kind as America is to communists.
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