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  1. Hi all, i'm new of speccy, i use a lot ccleaner but i just discovered this software which seems to be really great. The only problem i have so far is that speccy wont detect my graphic card temperature, which is a nvidia GTX 570. I have tried to re install the software with no luck. Is this a known issue and there is anything i can do about it?
  2. Hi everybody, i've just discovered Speccy and i'm very impressed, i was used to check my pc stats using several programs together but Speccy does the work of them all just fine. The only problem i have it's that it doesn't detect my gfx temperature. I have a Nvidia GTX 570, which is recognized by Speccy. Below there are some screenshots and my .speccy file. Thanks for anyone willing to help me .speccy EDIT: my bad, i just realized i posted in the wrong section
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