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  1. Hey, guys. I don't know how to go about reporting a bug, so I was hoping maybe one of you guys could give me a hand at that. I'd just like someone to know that Speccy doesn't correctly report the version of my anti-virus. I have avast! version 6, but Speccy reports that it is version 5.
  2. @gibradford No, I am just using the default windows firewall. I've been meaning to get something else, but I use Windows very infrequently (yay Linux!) so I didn't bother. @Everyone The problem seems to have disappeared for me as quickly as it came. I no longer get the error, but I don't know why I don't get it. It's just gone. Hmm. Perhaps what one of you said about over-heating may have been the cause. Has anyone else made any progress in this issue?
  3. William, I've tried most of the generic solutions: reinstalling it, uninstalling it & reinstalling it, rebooting . . . with no results. I think this problem deserves the attention of Piriform's Support Department, because I don't know if an average user can fix it. The problem is that Support costs money
  4. I think I just started Speccy 1.11 for the first time and there is a problem. For several of the categories on the summary page, no information is displayed. Rather there is a message in orange letters: "Cannot Initialise SPC dll". What does this mean and how can I fix it? Is it a problem with the program or my computer? Screen shot from program
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