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  1. Thank you teejay for the post but I am not rooted on the Acer A500 and I do not plan on rooting. I have rooted other devices but as of right now there is just nothing out worth rooting this honeycomb tablet for.
  2. I am running honeycomb on an Acer A500 and again this app dose not work on it. As I am sure it will not on any device running honeycomb.
  3. I have searched for a file that does what it supposedly says it does but upon looking at them answer using none of them actually clear anything
  4. To clean cache, history, cookies, form data, passwords etc. with one click. Be nice if they could do that to all apps in one click but that might be asking for a bit much.
  5. Hello All, Simple and to the point would the savvy crew of Piriform take a crack at an Android version of CCleaner it would be greatly appreciated! Best Regards, Noktern
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