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  1. Has www.winapp2.com been hijacked? When you open the site a full screen adversitment pops up asking to join a mail list for congress? All I want to do is get updates to my file, not joining random mail lists....
  2. Just a question - what will the "Windows XP System Profile*" clean?
  3. I would recommend you run wipe free space only once - all the other options are fine.
  4. I expect so - i run ccleaner on my restricted user account in a corp environment, it seems to clear everything i check - try and see if it fixes your issues.
  5. I recommend something like eEyes Blink (very good & free for USA) http://www.eeye.com
  6. I run the cleaner about once a week, i normally do a full clean (with Winapp2.ini ( http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=1110 )) and then run the registry checker. The file exts you have are for things that you don't have a program to open with, but have opened a folder that contains them.
  7. I tryed to scan both of my seagates - ST3120022A & ST3120023A and get the same error, however it works fine on my 6 usb drives, and 2 digital cameras.
  8. he might mean he brought the camera on ebay
  9. just use the tags [img= ] example [img=http://forum.piriform.com/style_images/piri2/logo.png] will display
  10. It should be alright to remove the finds in the registry section of CCleaner, however, if you do run into issues, download .net from http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en
  11. Thanks for the update Piriform! Always welcome to an update, and i hope the next one will be just as good!
  12. I have been a user of ccleaner for many years, and now use it in a secure work environment where everything has to pass through many scanners, and an install watcher to check for any back doors. I am happy to say that the slim package we use is 100% free of vermin, back doors, and animals that pose as horses. Sample of the Scanner list Nod32 F-secure NAV (2000/2006) AVG Spybot [edit]Typos/
  13. I just fix all - backup as the app says, and you will be able to restore if you do bugga up something. Normaly when i run crap again, it picks up the same errors, like .bsp - even though it has a backlog of assaigned apps such as half-life 2, half-life, quake, sin ep's, etc, etc. it still says 'unasaigned'
  14. I think paypal supports (in many cases) direct deposit transfers - when i gave my donation to ccleaner about 3 months ago i think i used paypal
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