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  1. Oooh: that was quick: ta. So it aint an 'issue' ? I had thought as much re some scanned but possibly "locked" files. The interesting thing is when run immediately again post clean-up, either same cc session or close and restart = all clear ??
  2. Hello all just dl'd the latest: such a good tool, always been good to me. Ta. I have seen this discussed elsewhere I think but cant find it: I run the scan then the cleaner, with defaults, and get the message "80mb to be cleaned, 1.5mb cleaned" is this a problem, something I've done. Had this b4, never paid that much attention.. Advices? Tx.
  3. Ok thanks all have changed permissions and deleted then run CC again and it picked up a couple of related reg entries. All gone away
  4. Ok Thanks. Yes agree with assessment for Regseeker V CC Little experience of Eusing yet
  5. This is probably not a bug. Since uninstalling AVG free, When I "Scan for Issues" and fix all I repeatedly see 2 activeX/Xcom issues reappear see image: How do I get rid of these.? Thanks
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