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  1. When my OS was Windows XP before, I would not end and restart the process of explorer after using ccleaner instead I restarted my windows and the obsolete notification cached were gone. But when I shifted my OS to Windows 7, when using ccleaner and restarted my OS nothing happens in the notification cached. No matter how many times you done this it won't do it's job until and only your restart your explorer after cleaning and you have to restart the explorer before restarting or shutting down your windows 7 or else notification cached will not be removed. Yes, I havn't notice the changes i
  2. I confirmed that this steps really works but it seems to be a workaround. It would be great if ccleaner can managed this alone. I'm not saying this because I hate this steps, but instead it will make ccleaner a better tool to everyone. Thanks for all your help. RPL
  3. No, but I've rebooted my pc several times and nothing has changed, considering that the notification cached is obsolete. I think it's more than enough. Thanks, I appreciate your time. RPL
  4. Hi everyone and to the Piriform Developer Team, I used Windows 7 Ultimate SP1, 32 bits and CCleaner 3.07.1457. ccleaner.ini [Options] Language=1033 WINDOW_LEFT=624 WINDOW_TOP=73 JumplistTasks=0 BackupPrompt=0 WINDOW_WIDTH=733 WINDOW_HEIGHT=525 WINDOW_MAX=0 UpdateKey=10/30/2010 07:47:11 PM DelayTemp=1 MSG_CONFIRMCLEAN=False (App)Game Explorer=True (App)Windows Error Reporting=True (App)DNS Cache=True (App)Start Menu Shortcuts=True (App)Desktop Shortcuts=True (App)FTP Accounts=True (App)Menu Order Cache=True (App)Window Size/Location Cache=True (App)Custom Folders=True (App)Thumbnail
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