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  1. I appreciate your suggestions. I believe I have found the solution after four days. I went to cd properties then clicked auto play tab/ Select Blank cd/checked "prompt me each time to close an action/ apply The cd writing wizard started working again. I think it is simply that windows is the anti christ!!!!!!
  2. 1.)Windows Xp Pro service pack 2 2.)Unknown. Whatever the windows xp bundled. It says in the error message that the software is supplied by Roxio but gives no details as to what vesion. 3.) I do have nero as well which works fine. I agree it seems to be software related as everything works except the write function with the windows xp software. I just don't know how to reinstall,upgade, or fix it. thanks for your time! Rex
  3. Ran the ccleaner and now can't write to my cd-r. I get this error message . "cannot complete the cd writing wizard" Any one else have this problem?
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