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  1. When the Drive Wiper is running and user click to close the program, could appears a message box to warning user that closing the program Drive Wiper will be canceled.
  2. The CCleaner not have a great function: When logged in as Administrator, the CCleaner could clean all of Windows Profiles when pressed "Run Cleaner" (Cleaner Section) and "Fix Selected Issues..." (Registry Section). In "Tools>>Settings" could be a option to choose if the user want clean all profiles (when logged in as "Administrator") or not.
  3. The problem was my USB drive. It is very slow and very old. I used other USB drive 2.0 with 4GB and CC's Disk Wiper can cleaned it in few minutes.
  4. The problem was my USB drive. It is very slow and very old. I used other USB drive 2.0 with 4GB and CC's Disk Wiper can cleaned it in few minutes.
  5. I never used the TrueCrypt, but I will search about it! Flash memories are used in SSD? I began a change in my mind... Thank you for your help!
  6. That is very important for me! I work with confidential files always encrypted with GPG and an RCA key with 4096 bits. By security, I always decrypts the files on the USB drive, NOT on public or private computer or on my notebook. Therefore, deleted decrypted files are always in just one place: the USB drive. However, I need to clean free space (or entire drive) of USB drive from to time to time to erase the deleted decrypted files! Time is very important for me. I can not always wait one hour to clean my USB drive. This is the problem: Time! From your statement, I can conclude that the "Eraser" fooling me "formatting" my USB drive in only 6 minutes with the configuration below?
  7. Hi, I don't know if that is a "bug" but it is very annoying. I have a USB device with only 1GB and just watch what happens when I use the CC's Disk Wiper for entire disk: Spends an hour for overwrite with only 1 pass? Why?
  8. Simple: I don't use CC's Drive Wiper because it is very, very slow! I made ​​two short video as an example: Eraser is very fast! See: http://www.mediafire.com/?op93it2rljdbjln (video with only 3MB and 7min) CC's Drive Wiper is very slow. See: http://www.mediafire.com/?629p981ok4abl5c (video with only 3MB and 7min) My USB drive have 1GB! Eraser: spends 6 minutes CC's Drive Wiper: spends +1 hour Why CC's Drive Wiper with 1 pass is very slow and Eraser with 1 pass is very fast? I don't like to install many softwares to make the same thing, but the CC's Disk Wipe is very slow! Whatever, I need to the CCleaner for clean my computer!
  9. I discover one way more simple: Steps: 1?) Delete all data in USB with DELETE 2?) Using software "Eraser", clean all "Unused disk space" with "Pseudorandom Data 1 pass" With this option, all sector in USB drive will be overwrite! Reference: http://bbs.heidi.ie/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1568&start=0&hilit=usb
  10. Hi, The CCleaner Drive Wiper option works with USB drives?
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