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  1. Frankly, I think that was unnecessarily rude.
  2. I'm not at all a XP techie but it would be good if you mention what other cleaner you are specifically comparing it to and you would probably have to start comparing settings between each cleaner. If you have broadband and have been surfin' for an hour, it's very easy to get that much in your internet cache. Just a thought, especially if it does that routinely over and over.
  3. Well another member posted a similar question a couple of days ago but for some reason, his question was entirely deleted from the forum. Let's hope this one is not and you get a concrete answer as it is a much discussed topic. I would personally like to see a "yes" or "no" answer instead of some long technical discussion about the subject.
  4. How about that, there they are! Thanks for the input poetser.
  5. Glad you found where as I would have assumed the registry but did not know myself. So let me ask you a question ... where is it in the registry and how do you search for it?
  6. I assume you are using the latest version (1.22.142) as the interface has changed a bit. Start CCleaner, go to Options and then click on cookies. If you have not done this before, all of the cookies should be on the left side. Highlight the ones you want to keep and move them with the arrow buttons to the right side. Then go back to the Cleaner window and under Windows, make sure the "cookies" check is checked (if you are using I.E.). It will delete only the "cookies to delete" in the above paragraph. If you are using Firefox, the setting is under Cleaner / Applications. Havin
  7. This is off the thread subject but I'm sure all of us "yanks" here as well as true citizens of this planet join me to let you know we're very sorry to wake up and hear / see what happened in London today. Back to the topic, it would be suicide for any single manufacturer to even try such a stunt. Maybe one day "governments" will force all manufacturers to do it at one time, probably as part of the CPU with a direct link to the MI5 - MI6 - CIA - NSA - FBI, etc., ... and we all go back to pen and paper. Cheers.
  8. rridgely is correct. The article is here: http://www.snopes.com/computer/internet/dellbug.asp
  9. Thanks Andavari. I do use FF and love it too but there are a few websites (mostly financial stuff) that still requires IE. One question... I do have some cookies I want to keep and use an excellent "cookie management" program called Cookie Monster for that. If I delete index.dat, will I lose all cookies including the good ones I want to keep?
  10. I have used CClener for probably close to a year and love it. I'm having it delete IE internet cache frequently (in fact every time I run it). But even when I run CCleaner and then run Ad-Aware SE Plus immediately afterward. I frequently find tracking cookies. But if I ignore Ad-Aware's "clean" and then go empty the IC cache manually ... and then run Ad-Aware again, there is no spyware. So is CCleaner really cleaning my internet cache files or not? Thanks in advance.
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