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  1. To login123: As I said I am not good in PC and I think I am not completely oriented in the ...showtopic=20120 procedure.
  2. To DennisD: I checked the possibilities of the System Restore which said: "Cannot restore the System, no changes made" and I found out I have to go to some point in deep past. I do not prefere this, it may change my settings and apps.
  3. To Hazelnut: I succeed in access to Event Wiewer. There are two errors, which appeared several times: 1. An overshoot of the potential number of concurrent TCP connections. 2. It was not possible to restore the computer from the network address (from DHCP) for network adapter with address 0018DE92BADB. The following error occurred: User canceled operation. The computer will attempt to acquire network address from a DHCP server separately.
  4. To DennisD: At How to use the Event Viewer Microsoft said: Click Start, open Control Panel and go to Performance and Maintenance. On my Control Panel there is no Performance and Mainenace to open it or click on it. To others: Thnx for nice discussion. I am 76 and do not ride bike, nor like Farouk Bulsara (Freddie Mercury).
  5. No, because none application is accessible after installing CCleaner.
  6. Sorry I am not good in PC and did not find Windows Event Viewer. 'Run ccleaner when computer starts' was not ticked in options.
  7. Hazelnut: I got CCleaner at Piriform. I download to my desktop and installing after all application shut down. I use Mozilla Firefox 3.6.17. I use avast! antivirus and Comodo Firewall. Alan_B: Deleting of cookies started automatically after CCleaner installation. I did not started the scan by CCleaner. I scanned my PC by MBAM, SpybotSD, DrWeb CureIt, all of these stated my PC is clear and O.K.
  8. I installed 3.07 version again and here is the result: After installation, deleting cookies started automatically, then I closed CCleaner without starting any analysis or cleaning. After that I tried to open Windows Explorer, but window with "Documents and Settings not accessible, not enough quote" statement appeared. I clicked on O.K. button in that window and tried to open Firefox, the same window appeared again. I clicked on O.K. button again and tried to open PicPick application to make some screenshot. New window with "Unknown Software exception (0x0eedfade) in application on place 0x7c812afb" statement appeared instead the application. Then appeared window "Exception EReadError in module picpick.exe at 000489FE". Nothing works, no application accessible, I had to use hard shut down and then uninstall CCleaner.
  9. I used CCleaner for many years very often, however, the last Version 3.07.1457 collapsed Windows XP that I had to use a hard shut down of my PC. I tried to install CCleaner several times but it does not work, I had to unistall it. I have Dell Latitude D620, WinXP SP3. Is there any solution how to use this program?
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