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  1. i just wanted to give a update to any one who comes across this problem. i use the windows check disk gui to scan for errors and it did find errors and fixed them so i did a full scan in 10 hours. thanks for the great program piri keep it free please.
  2. hello, thank you for taking your time to read my problem with recuva. i am using a ide to usb kit and every time i scan with recuva i get to 11 percent and it stops, i can click cancle but it takes awhile to actually cancle. i dont know what to do i messed with some of the settings like recreate folder structor or something like that. i dont get any thing with a fast scan but deep scan works allot i actually got 266 files. at one point left it scanning for 2 hours and still at 11 percent. is their a fix to this, i am running the latest. windows 7 x64 amd fx 4170, 8 gb memory x2 ssd in raid 0. thanks.
  3. i have 990fx-gd80 mobo by msi and AMD FX 4170 cpu. all it shows is amd processor x4 and doesnt give me any temps or speed. is it possible to support this soon please cause im having problems and i need to see the temps of the cpu with out going to bios every time. by that time the cpu has cooled down. i have the latest bios. speccy.zip
  4. hello i have the following processor http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819106009 when i use speccy it shows this Will it be fixed soon?
  5. hi i updated my bios because their was a newer AGESA code for it. then when i tried speccy again did not show temps for it. but it does show its speed and type of processor. my processor is 925 deneb 2.8 ghz mobo msi 990FXA-GD80. their is a newer bios update which is another agesa code so i am gonna update the bios in a couple of mins and will let you guys know if that fixed the problem. update: no i have tried the new bios and still nothing. i hope this can get fixed by speccy.
  6. hi i wanna say thank you for supporting the 6950 and up cards. i guess you guys did get enough to enable it in the next build. so i now have another problem, which probably wont get fixed since not very many people have what i have. i have a MARVELL Raid VD 0 ATA pcie Device with 2 solid state drives. and when i look at smart says bad. so maybe you guys can enable temps for pcie cards? i have attached my speccy file. 7X64-PC.zip
  7. any news to wither the 6950 and up will be supported? because the new one was release but still no support.
  8. hello all i used to have a galaxy 250 graphic card and used to show me the temps but now ever since i have upgraded to the 6950 does not show me what my graphic temp is. also does not support the 6970 and the 6990. i always have the latest drivers and i am guessing this is why speccy has not supported the 6950 and up series is because of the constant driver update but if i am wrong when will these cards will be supported?
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