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  1. I find that a lot of registry entries mask other ones, so I have to go thru the "Scan for issues" process several times before CC says " No issues were found". This frequently happens if I uninstall something. I'd like to see a way to have CC keep looping thru the registry (clean, and check again), until it got to the "No issues were found stage" automatically. -dae
  2. version 1.29.295: It happens sometimes (not always) with secure deletion enabled. If I click cancel, it stops running (so the program is not 'frozen') If I run it again (same window), it will usually finish the deletion very quickly. I notice that there are usually some files deleted the second time, so it is hanging somewhere in the middle of the deletion process. I do not have this problem for the 'normal' deletion, only secure. -- dae
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