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  1. Deleted Adobe Flash Player last version and the cookies from Flash are eliminated. Note that I also used talaub's method (see post above) and all cookies gone. Thanks for for help.
  2. Thanks for reply, used your method and all ok.
  3. Talaub. can you tell me where to turn on this "indexing". I'm having the same problem, would appreciate. tks xacto2011
  4. hazelnut Sorry misunderstood your first question. to resume I have 65 cookies in the left list, which I want to delete. I clicked on everyone of them and I get either Flast icon, on the Internet Explorer icon at the bottom. Hope this answers your question.
  5. Using IE8, OP: Vista, no icon - only the name of the cookie's name
  6. In the Options > cookies> in the left colum there is a long list of cookies that I cannot get rid of. In the right colum I have cookies which I want to keep. I have tried several things trying to get rid of these cookies, any one can help? tks.
  7. xacto2011


    this is my first post, hope its ok, how to get rid of Cookies in: Options > Cookies > left column "cookies to delete" . Using the usual: internet explorer 8 >: ?Click the "Tools" menu at the top of the browser. ?Choose "Internet Options" item. ?Under the "Browsing History" section, click the "Delete" button. ?Choose the option to delete your cookies does not get rid of the cookies accumulaed in the CCCleaner. Any help would be appreciated
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