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  1. Let me guess....hmmm, may it be a bootpartition Having one myself at 100MB but it don't use more than 32MB so it has plenty of free space left behind Usually save all my secret loveletters in there where nobody sees them
  2. Having hard to believe Microsoft will ever help us see the difference between binary base 2 measurement and preferable base 10 decimal. When using binary figures it should at least use correct prefix e.g kib, MiB, GiB etc. Today when open up properties for files and drives there's only kb MB GB even the numbers are in binary. Ok, it doesn't make that hugh difference when dealing with smaller files as the difference between base2/base10 ain't more than 2-3% but when new users starting compare their drives above 160GB then it has a great impact on an eventual reaction when realise much of the capasity has disappeared somewhere Next thought..This drive may be broken A reminder for the software industry. Otherwise, +1 for the suggestion
  3. Seems we share "Macromedia Flash", it's one of my wishes to in move it in under the Internet Tab, it belongs there for sure. Otherwise there are plenty of programs that also share and use internet so it's certainly not easy where to draw the line but keep it somewhere between those that are most well known among these types of software might be fair in not making the internet Tab too big. If take a fast check and look in what could be realistic in next improved generation of CCleaner...How does it sound like if starting use Extended sub-division groups in give this panels more room for more items and save some space In my wild imagination I see this as a compromise for using Tabs and then it would be possible for the user in having many blocks under the same pane/field/workingspace you name it Another pro would be that we don't have to use the scrollfunction that much..possible to hide what might be desirable to hide and see what we want to see. Could be a line to hit and maybe not only a simple (+), small buttons hard to hit with the cursor so something bigger would be a good choise from my point of view Just another idea
  4. It doesn't sounds wrong take it gradually and begin with a third tab as a first step in help it up a bit. From my own v3.09.1493 of CCleaner. Windows Tab: Internet Explorer (8), Windows Explorer (5), System (11), Advanced (8). Summary Tickboxes= 32 Applications Tab: Google Chrome (8), Applications (12), Internet (4), Multimedia (10), Utilities (12), Windows? (31), Additional Webbrowser winapp2.ini (17), Secondary webbrowser winapp2.ini (17). = 111 items to check. (Around 34 + a couple objects more caused of the file which is used). Must say I like the idea in the original post. Webbrowsers for Internet should have an separate tab. The same with Windows related stuff (except IE) in discussion of 3 Tabs incl. subtitled groups and one Tab aimed for Applications (third apps). And like before, much can still be done from the file winapp2.ini and other files in fix things up by personal taste for everyone who wants it. The last thing is a great help to have in CCleaner! Just keep it simple & easy to use
  5. Thanks for this suggestion Have been wondering myself of the fact when been working with winapp2.ini that CCleaner actually could have one more pane instead of just two. Sounds & looks fair as there is room for one extra additional tab. I wouldn't say no thanks for a even more modern improved tabbed interface either but also realise many has been used with using winapp2.ini for quit some time and if developing these menus too much there might be difficulties in keep it like it is in this stage in not lose the file of freedom for include and exclude things. Why not make a second row of more tabs in spread it out on more categorys Windows is a big one with lot of settings and could almost have more than one tab e.g System Standard & System Advanced. Applications many times huge too, perhaps Split it up in several like system-utilities, office-tools, virtualization & gameing and so on. The same with the Internet related field of different stuff people use, I'm sure this group of features won't be smaller. Beyond this using subgroups inside tabs sounds rational as well and a good idea in split things up for easier overview.
  6. Sorry for my Eng. but yhea, think I understand your point there It would be easy to reach for users as the distance is close to these other buttons & the searchpanel. Just don't be afraid give it weight in make the link visible and give it some focus I made a couple of pictures as can be seen, perhaps it might give a few ideas on the way. My suggestion is in the upper left corner as you already has the focus there with the rest of all the good looking links, the whole sweet collection of software Take advantage of the existing Support menu (add a few links there as well)
  7. It's been well known for a long time that a few Google products comes bundled with the Piriform installer for CCleaner. Fortunately there is a workaround and we do not have to install e.g Google Toolbar or Chrome if we don't need it by own will. Lets say, it's a kind form of "Piggy Packing" Use the slim version or the portable if doesn't want spend time in look out for extras
  8. Well I'll give it an answer as noone seems to have time or interest in doing it The answer is Yes. If take a close check in the documentation section for CCleaner http://docs.piriform.com/ There is a explanation in how to use Scriptfiles where many sorts of commands can make CCleaner really useful.
  9. I'm also a regular user and from my own experience in particularly using CCleaner I have to say your question can be justified. When searching & looking for something for instance 'HELP' it may be logic connecting a Wiki section with "Support" Another logic place we first check are the upper higher border were often a button or a menu to that kind of content can be found. Sidepanels may also work only it can be easily reachable where people having their eyes. In my case where this info reached me - it was here in the forum as happened for you. One of the reason for this is that the links to the 'Docs' helping page has been placed very far down on many of these pages or difficult hidden inside other pages. Why not let each software in http://docs.piriform.com/ having their own link under the 'Support' button where user will see it easy? Same issue inside CCleaner, could be bigger text in pointing this out where to reach help, tutorials, documentations and so on. Never use the lower space on webpages or in software, human minds doesn't look there in first place. Otherwise there's nothing to say about the documentation, it's one of the best.
  10. Are there more valid commands we can use in Winapp2.ini than the example inside the file? Picked from winapp2.ini: A thougt Would it be possible running reversal commands for starting and run external app's from inside winapp.ini?
  11. Unfortunately I can't agree in the terms there wouldn't be need for overwrite files/folders/diskdrives Ok it may be an old fashion technique use Gutmann but certainly better than leave the not yet overwritten files on the surface just there they are. Myself always uses the 7 passes setting, another choice would be DOD as I don't trust only one pass is enough. Further on I believe there are things to win by doing this in get rid of problems before make clean install on drives. Much can affect an installing process to stall like malware, corruption & failures in MBR to name a few.
  12. May we never expect this in future versions of CCleaner either? It seemes there were no interest for this idea after one week passed now Big deal suggesting things when nobody likes anything. Giving app
  13. It should be implemented in nearest future and I see this suggestion as quite important for CCleaners developers. Why? It's one of the best services a provider can offer their userbase in make things easier when updating software. To not develop and include this with the software may only sending an signal out to the users that 'we don't know how to handle this issue', perhaps someone thinks..Do they know how to code a program? or can I trust this software? Summary, it's a good opportunity in show these people were wrong and the program are one of the best. So, can it be taken for consideration? Ps. They will check the website now and then anyway
  14. Thanks for showing a nice example of how to use the Auto command, it needs to be repeated Myself would love to see this developed in the settings for CCleaner in future, meaning checkboxes or something else that gives the opportunity for manage shutdown after CCleaner finished a task. But offcourse, knows for the moment some of this are included when using the shortcut /AUTO /SHUTDOWN Thanks Alan
  15. I like the idea for an "add" option me too There are one main reason that supports this suggestion in the first place...Sometimes users make mistakes and deletes entries they want to get back But sure, understand CCleaner doesn't come with the mission for anything else than cleaning. It's about the service for your clients you know
  16. Looking forward for a checkbox for this as well Thank you
  17. Please don't make CCleaner as a new system repair tool! To use the registry option together with the /AUTO cleaning feature would only give CCleaner a bad name. The Chance for get failures by this are bigger than the good it make in the long run. I'm sorry, but have to vote no for it
  18. Hi Piriform & Co! Been looking for something that can make CCleaner to start automatically after the browser has been closed down. Perhaps someone knows a workaround for this or it maybe will bring a new idea for a new feature One thought I had was to use the builtin AUTO feature CCleaner already got and use it together with Windows Task Scheduler. From that point it wouldn't be impossible using a event trigger for run CCleaner directly after the browser window is shutdown but haven't found yet how to do the trigger setting to work. Another choice would be to use a third-party app like the one in the link but..seems so unnecessary when Windows has this technique already there inside Appreciate your help Guys!
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