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  1. Thanks - I may give this a shot. For everyone's knowledge -- I've connected CCleaner to the issue because it's the single program I installed and ran before the MPVD started misbehaving. This followed a re-install of WindowsXP ... because I had run CCleaner after installing IE7Beta2 without knowing about the problems that causes (I'm a little more educated now).
  2. I'm having an issue with CCleaner and Microsoft Powertoys Virtual Desktop. I had installed MPVD, and things were running fine. After running CCleaner ... the MPVD no longer retained the individual desktop images for each of the 4 desktops ... the screens simply turned blue. I had done the Registry Backup in CCleaner, so I ran the registry reset hoping to repair the settings, but the MPVD still had the incorrect desktop images. I then did a system restore to a point in time before I had installed CCleaner, but the MPVD images are still not working properly. After the system restore, I re-i
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