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  1. I think the UI looks like someone used wordpad to design it and then send it to the programmers and they took it literal.
  2. The new version 5 gui is too mono tone. There used to be a bit of definition in the GUI. The checkboxes, other than the thin line, are lost with the white on white. As others have said, it's not user friendly. And the title bar is white, while my windows 8.1 colors are not. I want the title bar to follow the window theme. Keep what you got if you must, but make it easier on the eyes.
  3. I don't have Adobe flash installed. I know I was vague with the "chrome has it's own flash". I think it's pepper flash. Anyway it's not Adobe. So I can't do those settings you suggest. Besides that I've been playing with the analyse feature and seeing what files CC is removing. I tried it in pieces manually trying to eliminate which one was doing it. NOW I can't replicate the issue. I ran CC and chrome keeps working. So I may have found a bug but maybe in the user not the program So for the time being I think this should be dropped. Unless someone sees the same issue then it's worth more time. There are bigger and better things to play with.
  4. I play games on Facebook the use flash. I realize Chrome has it's own flash but the object is the same. When the game first opens, I am prompted by flash for how much cache to let the program use. It starts at a default of 10M, but later the game itself asks and sets it to unlimited. I'm fine for weeks, months, whatever till I run crap cleaner on chrome, then this whole process repeats. I haven't have time to find what it is that is cleared, but rather than clearing the cache it uses, it also clears the settings. Not a big bug, more of a "wish it wouldn't" thing. Maybe you guys know more about what's going on behind the scenes than I do. Thanks. Running Windows 8 64bit, Chrome 27.x and the only setting that I'm running is Internet Cache & Cookies.
  5. I install programs and of course some installers don't give you an option to organize your start menu so you have to do it post install. Thus I move the programs to subfolders like "utilities" or "security" or "internet" etc. Now the installer's entries in the registry are wrong and I get errors on the CC report. It would be kind of a cool addition if the program could see that "crap cleaner" was installed in start menu\programs\utilites\crap cleaner and possibly just offer me a choice to fix the registry entry. I am currently editing all the entries myself now and its a REAL bummer on a fresh install.
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