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    CCleaner v2.10

    I would like to see the possibility to check a radio button that says : "Delete all system restore points except last one" in order to gain gigabytes ... Maybe, a switch to automatically launch JKdefrag after cleaning done ! Regards, n A r
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    Since Defraggler uses the Windows environment, it is safe to use on any drive : IDE, SATA, RAID ... because it uses the Windows drivers. I personally use RAID 0 configuration and any defragmenter works. Since we booted into Windows. Hope my answer is clear and that it helps Regards, n A r
  3. Yeah this program is great I really love it I would make a suggestion : would it be possible to make advanced option to clean Prefetch folder , I mean .pf files not have been modified for 5 days or so , and also a cleaning option for the layout.ini file ( as it stocks info about some files , OS files of course but also files you use and create , but when you delete them, some stay in the layout.ini for 3 days would be great for CCleaner to analyse this and delete entries older than 24 hours in the layout.ini file And add a Newsleecher cache cleaning ? Best regards, nar
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