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  1. Hello all, CCCleaner has had problems in the past with Macromedia Flash and it may now have a problem again with Adobe Flash Player 9 as well. However, this is just a warning at this time and if you can get to this site you are probably OK: http://www.broadcom.com (failing indication is that browser just sits there and says 'done' The other suspect programs are: Shockware Ver 10 Yahoo Security Suite Trying to isolate this problem, I hve done a System Restore 5 times today and have narrowed the problem down to one of those 3 programs; however, I am done the "testing and break
  2. Hi all, The Preliminaries: Operating System is Windows XP Home Edition SP2. The Problem: Ran v1.28.277 with CCCleaner optioned to clean all Applications. Noticed it found a Macromedia Flash 8 key to delete and clicked OK. Later went to a website that told me I needed to install Macromedia Flash to view the site. Went to the Macromedia download site and reinstalled it (online); verified OK by Macromedia. Went back to the original website (that told me I didn't have it) and they told me the same thing again. Tested other Flash sites with same results. The Solution: Completely
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