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  1. Website looks great, clean and simple Also looking forward to the next release of CCleaner
  2. Misao

    Buying new PSU

    Thanks alot, think i found a decent power supply
  3. Wish it wasnt a hoax, could only imagine the laughter at seeing all these people walking around with sheep
  4. Misao

    Buying new PSU

    Basically im getting a AGP 256MB nVidia 7600GT and my current PC definately wont handle it, its just the one that came with the computer when i first bought it, being a wimpy 230W, looking to buy a 500W PSU, but im not sure if theres anything i need to think about when buying one, learning about comps as i go along here. Is there anything in particular which i need to look out for when buying a PSU, i heard about the possibility some might not be compliant with certain motherboards, my motherboard is HP - Compaq MS-6577 Motherboard. Also browsing around some sites i noticed SATA and PCI-E
  5. You know really this is not a surprise, its not like there isnt any security flaws its jsut a case in who finds them, microsoft or some would be hacker? either way they are found and solved, no biggy, i dont and will never consider windows to be completely safe, its popularity forces it to be a obvious magnet for trouble, moving to another operating system might help now, but if that becomes more popular then security flaws there will be found too. just dont be too hard on them
  6. Yeah definately watch out even from so called friends too, remember one of mine sent me an attachment, it turned out to be a virus, luckily it was just one for the laughter at making u screem as u think ur comp is being destroyed when nothing is really happening, but it shook me enough never to trust my friends
  7. i jsut stick with media player classic, its simple works and i like it, ticks all the right buttons
  8. i use IE7 as a secondary or even third browser, but the text seems smudged and i cant use it for too long as the lack of clarity gives me a headache, so ill stay with firefox. Anyone else think this? or is there a way in which you can improve the quality of the text?
  9. Misao

    heh heh

    yeah that was awesome
  10. there is no guarantee there isnt one, but i wouldnt put one purposely on it.
  11. Im pretty sure it goes by post count (number of posts you have made) and each time you reach a certain number of posts the rank will change, you will move on from newbie to the next etc
  12. i doubt it, wouldnt want one anyway, even if it aparently was trustworthy, would you trust it?
  13. ok thanks, i got my log posted
  14. Finally someone who has had the same problem no never used HJT definately will try it and post a log asap.
  15. yes im using latest version of firefox, also im getting the same problem when i use other browsers. It only happens when i try to download a file from the site.
  16. I have had this problem for a couple of months now and no idea what it is, i searched the forums but havent found any solution: is this working for you? I have tried it on different browsers but still no luck. This is my favourite place to look for updates for software so any help is much appreciated
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