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  1. I am also having the same problem with Speccy crashing every time I try to run it, even in debug mode with every option unchecked. Attached is the txt file, as the dmp file is too big and the forum won't let me attach it. I can provide it by email, FTP, or http link upon request.




    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!







    Please run speccy in debugger mode http://www.piriform.com/docs/speccy/troubleshooting-speccy/running-speccy-in-debug-mode


    If it crashes please locate the log file created in your speccy directory (usually c:\program files\speccy) and use the attach file (found after pressing the reply button)


    If you want to experiment to find the cause of the crashes run the debug-mode a number of times with these steps


    2. uncheck everything
    3. check the first item
    4. run speccy
    5. if no crash then
    6. re-run debug
    7. uncheck everything
    8. check the next item
    9. repeat until you discover the crash 5-8


    the developers read every thread so it is very important for you to attach the log file

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