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  1. I think this has been discussed a lot - a good solution involved adding a registry startup entry under LOCAL_MACHINE (so all users execute upon login) and saving CCleaner options to an INI file instead of the registry (so it reads the same options for every user). Haven't tried it yet but I'm sure it works well for cleaning. I second this. I have never had an issue (that I can attribute to CCleaner registry cleaning) after using the registry cleaner. It would be *so* awesome to have a "/autocleanregistry=5 (optional =5 for number of successive runs) cmdline option, and/or "/saveregbackup=location". Automating registry cleanup would be invaluable to lots of people who otherwise would have to touch each workstation. I wouldn't hesitate paying for these features, as I'm sure a lot of people here wouldn't. Bounty pool, anyone?
  2. I usually put a "-2" or "b" appended to the filename..in which adding seconds would be a good click-saver.
  3. This would probably be a BIG project, but I'm sure a "for-pay" version of CCleaner, a lot of technicians/network administrators would enjoy a network-centric administration system. You'll see this in AVG Antivirus Network Edition as well as SpySweeper. It would be a godsend for anyone that uses CCleaner on a network of systems and would like central administration. Benefits of central administration could include (my favorites of SpySweeper and AVG Antivirus): 1) Network-wide updates (from admin console) 2) Network-wide on-demand running of software on any PC (from admin console) 3) Central logging and stats 4) Security features such as "user cannot remove", "user cannot abort scans", etc. This could prove very useful to the business sector. Jordan Erickson Logical Networking Solutions
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