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  1. Awesome - I actually did NOT know this. During a sample run now - I do not see anything in the Temp area that would cause any issues. I will use this selective approach to get back up to speed. Cheers! B
  2. The first sign I knew something was wrong was when I started Outlook after the cleaning. Office decided it wasn't authorized and I had to go thru a bunch of steps to get it working again. I do not ever remember seeing the dialogs that I saw for that series of prompts and knew something was very weird. Quicken - was totally trashed. The icon was gone and in it's place was one of those generic Windows shortcut icons. It was even more bizarre when I double clicked on it - I saw that Quicken Cash Manager (of all things) was trying to start - followed by a serious looking error message saying my install was corrupt and to reinstall Quicken. I did not go deep enough to see if the actual program files for each were unscathed but I will assume so. I was so freaked out that I immediately went into "repair mode" and started looking at my backups. B
  3. Yes. I am trying to get answers from everywhere at this point. I think I understand the NTMount01 folder now - but what I do not understand is what impact wiping it out via CCleaner has. According the the NTLite folks - this folder SHOULD be benign (they claim is it simply the contents of the Win 10 image I am working on) - and while I was remiss for wiping it aggressively via CCleaner - I had no idea it was there or what it was for - until AFTER I ran CCleaner and then got myself into this mess. That said - I still do not understand why my machine was totally torched after running CCleaner. As mentioned - I have really come to rely on this little app and love what it does. I did make one change to my settings in CCleaner in the last week - and that is this item in Advanced: "Only Delete files in Windows Temp Folders Older than 24 hours". I ask about this - after seeing this comment from Andavari a bit earlier in the thread : "Most 3rd party cleaning software including CCleaner will delete the whole contents of the user profile Temp folder." I am not wondering if by allowing CCleaner to wipe everything from the Temp area regardless of how old it is - could this suddenly cause my WIndows 7 install to become completely screwed? I am terrified to even try CCleaner now after this B
  4. Hello, Let me describe a scary scenario from yesterday on my main workstation. Last weekend I purchased a program called NTLite to start work on a Windows 10 deployment project. This app allows me to build a custom install disk of Windows 10 for deployment purposes. That project is going well - but yesterday as part of my weekly cleanup routines - using CCleaner (which has been 1000% reliable to this point) - I noticed a very large folder called NTMount01 which appeared in my C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Temp folder. Thinking this was safe to remove - I let CCleaner analyze and add this folder to the items to remove - this getting 11GB of precious SSD space back. Ran the cleanup and thought I was home free. But when I started poking around on the workstation (after a reboot) - a whole series of bad things started happening - Office 2013 suddenly needed to be reauthorized. My Start Menu was missing 60% of it's icons. My Quicken program on the desktop was completely destroyed and so on and so on. I cannot help but think the removal of this NTMount01 folder - clearly the work of NTLite - had something to do with this. Whatever this 11GB directory of things is - as soon as I removed it - it felt like CCleaner ripped the basement out of my Windows install making it inoperable. Now - I have been using CCleaner for 4 years every week and have never seen anything like this. So I am suspect that it is the problem by itself. Luckily I had a full Macrium Reflect backup of the entire system drive and was able to get back to normal quickly. But what is going on here - have I hit a buggy CCleaner for the first time in a long long time? I am running Windows 7 X64 and CCleaner 5.24.5841. And I am terrified to use it again Ideas?
  5. I popped round to update a few days ago and noticed under the "builds" area that the "slim" build is no longer available? Was so nice not having to deal with any Google crap (so sneaky that it's on by default)during the install... Look forward to an update. VP
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