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  1. Thanks all Downloaded ver. 1.x.x (dont remember exactly) and it works just amazingly fine on win95 The higher versions, above the one I got, install but the kernel32 error comes up cause the higher versions of cclean, even though the description says for "All Windows", require windows ver. above Win95 Don't know why it just doesn't come out and say that. Thanks again and if I were a bit tech savvy and had the time, I would take the advice of some of you and try running a VM. Regards
  2. Alan, thanks for the info. Installed ver. 2.36 but get error message about kernel 32. Its in the system folder but...Good old win95 Winapp2.ini, if I get the time to figure out how to accomplish whst you recommend, I will but, on the other hand you have no idea about the kids destructive power!!!
  3. Hello Kids want to play old win95 games so the old computer w/ win95 is back but want to do a cleanup. Need to know what version of ccleaner to install and where to find it. The kids and myself thank you.
  4. I hear you. I noticed the icon for the forum in my bookmarks "Finally" changed back to the official Piriform icon. Smileys were not available due to rejection of the committee to give them a pay increase but, the union forced them to temporarily return but, they were not forced to perform. Regards,
  5. I just was not sure what to make of what you wrote. I have read a lot of your comments and know better by now and I certainly had a feeling you were up to something. However, that was another clear indication that sometimes things in writing appear different in intent relative to if the same exact words were spoken. I knew you were up to something. Next time please give a heads up so it won't be as painful? Regards
  6. There are better alternatives than trying to reset the trial period: 1- It would be common sense to support efforts of the developer and provide encouragement by buying a copy for a reasonable price, as the case is with any other software 2- Could download the free version (Lite) with no need to worry about running outta time 3- Become a beta tester and make solid suggestions and receive a free license There you go ! ! !
  7. "Honest Indian", haven't heard that for ages. I agree, removing the leftovers will be a challenge unless one is to take time and hunt for all the keys in the registry and sometimes, that's even not good enough. There is a registry cleaner called JV16 Power Tools that has proven to be reliable, at least for me. The Trial version is fully functional for 60 days, yes, 60 days. It has capability to search the registry based on publisher name, software name, date,...But again, the culprit could be hidden under any aliases. Regards edit: As usual Just a warning to ones not familiar with the
  8. Hazelnut, I guess everyone missed the forest cause the trees were in the way. How come no one else thought of this? There are a lot of software out there that after expiration of trial period, refuses re-installation of trial version otherwise, why bother spending money? Also, a lot of software hide the license information somewhere and in the event of uninstall and upgrade, it automatically inserts the license info.
  9. Greetings and sorry about the delay in reply but here, we had a 3-day weekend and I was gone. My setting is on normal file deletion. I Included a .pf file (from the prefetch folder) and proceeded with "Analyze custom files and folder". Nothing showed up but, this time when I initiated "Clean" even though nothing was detected, CC confirmed deletion of the .pf file!!! Same process failed when I set CC to "Secure delete w/ one pass". No file was removed. Funny thing is, I followed your procedure and added a non-PF file in the folder, I set to secure delete and the file showd up in analys
  10. Augeas and DennisD, perhaps you as "Moderators" should contact Piriform and report this as a bug as no one from Piriform has stepped in to shed light on this matter unless they are trying to figure out what the deal maybe or, just perhaps, the belief is that the issue is not worthy of clarification? I ran R-Wipe&Clean and it did remove all "Prefetch Traces" in the C:\windows\prefetch folder therefore, I am under this assumption that OS or my system as a whole has nothing to do with preventing files from being deleted by CCleaner. Thanks to both of you for your efforts. Regards,
  11. Same here Augeas, as DennisD stated and I strongly concur; I don't doubt you for a second and it just is not happening on my confuser either. Just plain peculiar EDIT---updated from 3.06 and Same condition applies to 3.07.1457
  12. Hello again The following is with reference to several prefetch files (*.pf) all with date-stamp of May 25, 2011 (less than 14 days old), "Old Prefetch Data" option enabled during each analysis during first run and disabled during second run of analysis with "Custom Files And Folders" option enabled throughout the entire analysis: 1- Included ENTIRE widows/prefetch FOLDER for clean up. Analysis did NOT include the folder or any of the files within the folder and did NOT delete the folder. Even though the files within the folder are less than 14 days old, the folder should have been de
  13. Augeas and DennisD thank you for the information and verification. I do not have any problem with pre-set of CCleaner to address "Old" prefetch data however, the operative word here is "Old" and I just wondered even with that option off why the data is not included in the analysis --regardless of the age of the files. I will make sure there are 14-day old prefetch files and run CCleaner to see what happens. Thanks again Regards,
  14. Augeas, thanks for the reply. I CAN include the folder (and therefore all the files *.* in the folder) but, as you predicted they are neither included in the analysis NOR are they cleaned. Can you please elaborate on what is the significance of prefetch files older than "14 days" that might be cleaned? Is 14 days period set by the OS? I thank you in advance. p.s. With regards to the previous poster remarks; I do realize the importance of "System files" however, there is NO indication that deleting said files in any way may interfere with operation. In fact, Firefox recommends to delete i
  15. Hello all, I have tried to include files in folder C:\windows\prefetch to be included for deletion with no success. I tried to include specific files in the prefetch folder (wild card) to be cleaned with no success. Am I correct to assume that CCleaner does NOT remove content of specific folders based on its inherent behavior or is there a trick to this? Thanks in advance win XP sp3 CClean v 3.06.1433 EDIT---updated and Same condition applies to CCleaner 3.07.1457
  16. Hello all, Running the latest version of CCleaner. Analyze brings up what is available to be cleaned however, it shows 0MB for Firefox (V3.6.16) cookies. Review of the Cookies folder indicates that 0MB as indicated by CCleaner is "INCORRECT". Never had this issue w/ the previous versions. Any information is appreciated. Regards, Win XP SP3
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