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  1. So you are saying they are not deleted? Cause windows recreates them on reboot. Also, there is no external WinApp.ini in the newer versions of CCleaner.
  2. mushu13

    CCleaner Styles

    Naris is talking about CCleaner itself, not the forums. There is no way to change the look of CCleaner at the moment. Besides, its only open for like two minutes at a time anyway.
  3. No, you should ALWAYS look over the issues. Even if they are almost always okay to delete.
  4. Hammer wants to be able to install the program silently, and be able to tell the installer if it should create the various shortcuts or not. I would suggest you PM Mr G and see if he can provide you with the correct switches (if there are any).
  5. It says it will clean at system startup, but it is actually cleaning at every log-on.
  6. I assume it is trying to call the defrag API in kernel32.dll, but that API is only in 2K+ systems. So 98 will not work. If I'm wrong, tell me.
  7. I was thinking just making the progress bar show the % of the list completed. Like if there are 100 entries checked, then after every entry the % goes up by one. But then if there is a lot to delete in one entry then it is prone to appearing as a freeze up. So I have decided to suggest scrapping the progress bar, in favor of some sort of status indicator (rotating timer, spinning wheel, blinking dots) and a text field showing % of the list completed.
  8. First: You can't defrag a drive without admin rights, with ANY defragmenter. (AFAIK) Second: All of their programs are in the one folder. (Except Recuva, there is no option to store settings in an ini.) Third: Sorry to have to say this. If you don't like the way Piriform sets up their programs then don't use them, or program your own.
  9. First, Be patient. If you really wanted to talk to TM you should have PM'd him. Second, if you look at the WinApp2 entry: [*uTorrent]LangSecRef=3022DetectFile=%ProgramFiles%\uTorrent\uTorrent.exeDefault=TrueFileKey1=%ProgramFiles%\uTorrent|*.dmp You will notice that it only is meant to clean .dmp files, which I assume are crash files. Meaning they are only there if/when uTorrent crashes.
  10. Hazelnut, he was talking about CCleaner, not the forums. I don't think CCleaner needs skins, at most it's only open for a few minutes at a time.
  11. I have a few suggestions to try, if you have not tried them yet. - In Disk Management click on the drive and go to 'Change Drive Letter and Paths' and remove then add the same drive letter (F). - If that does not work, try the above with a different drive letter. - If neither works try removing the letter->restart->reassigning a letter. If I think of any other possible solutions I'll post.
  12. This is my laptop. 14 processes, take away Taskmgr & Firefox, leaving 12 base processes. No compatibility problems. Black Viper Services
  13. Windows should recreate it upon reboot. If it does not come back then maybe it got turned off. Try going to Control Panel Then click on the 'System' icon Go to the 'Advanced' tab Under the 'Performance' section click 'Settings' Go the 'Advanced' tab Under the 'Virtual Memory' section click 'Change' Select your system drive (Usually C:) Under 'Paging file size for selected drive' section click 'System managed size' Click the 'Set' button Reboot That should fix it.
  14. Trucky probably is referring to the buggy browser referred to as AOL Explorer. I believe it is based on IE, so maybe it stores its junk in the same places.
  15. On gaming machines fragmentation can cause problems with large games. An example is with GTA: San Andreas. It's main models file is called gta3.img, at installation it is about 900mb, but if you are like many people you want to mod the game and swap out cars and other items to make the game more visually pleasing. When you swap out a vehicle the chances are that it is going to be bigger than the one you replace, so if there is no room directly after the gta3.img file on the disk it becomes fragmented. Over time and many more mods, the file gets spread across the entire disk. This causes
  16. Exploring the Spybot Forums returned this: Source Thread
  17. It seems you have a few choices: 1: Reformat and Reinstall, as you said. (Large amount of time wasted, Chance of success 100%) 2: Try a repair installation, it should ask you for the disk. (Also, big time waster, Chance of success 50%) 3: Insert disk 2 in your cd drive, and run this command: rundll32 setupapi.dll,InstallHinfSection Freestyle 128 medctroc.inf (Chance of success 50%, may cause problems.) 4: Look through the 'Add/Remove Windows Componets' menu (Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > Left Side) and try to find some sort of 'Reinstall Media Center' option.
  18. Just so you know, on select Dell systems you can get XP installed instead of Vista. Laptops: Link (Scroll down) Desktops: Link (Scroll down)
  19. Recuva is portable, it has no settings to write to an external file or to the registry and, like you said, it's a single .exe
  20. YamiPod: http://www.yamipod.com/ -Multi-Platform (Win, Mac, Linux) -Allows you to copy the music from your iPod onto your computer -Allows you to rearrange playlists -Other small features -Free!
  21. Twisted, the default is usually: Documents and Settings\<Name>\Incomplete\ And as for the existing entry in WA2, %ProgramFiles%\LimeWire\Incomplete I have never seen the folder in there.
  22. At the moment you can't have it automatically clean other accounts, but I *think* it is a planned feature. If you just install the upgrade over the old version it *should* keep all your settings and custom folders.
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