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  1. It is still the same as the current taskbar, MS just got rid of the text. 'Pinning' a program to the taskbar just adds it to a slightly modified Quick Launch. Also, the notification area is (finally) controllable. No, I'm not a MS fanboy. I'm just tired of people bashing Vista/MS; Vista isn't that bad, and Win7 will be what Vista was meant to be. In fact, as I type this I am exploring Win7 Pre-Beta on a 4 year old Dell Inspiron 1000 (Intel Celeron 2.2GHz, 512mb RAM).
  2. Yes, both CCleaner and Defraggler are Vista 64 bit compatible. CCleaner OS Compatibility Defraggler OS Compatibility (scroll down to System Requirements)
  3. Yes, English is embedded into CCleaner.exe
  4. CC always closes automatically with the /AUTO switch.
  5. It should be an easy feature to add. XP + Vista (maybe earlier aswell): rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState Hibernate Vista Only: shutdown /h
  6. @Casey44 Ignore my vLite recommendation, it's simply to much work. @Disk4mat This isn't hotfix uninstallers, this is Windows Side-by-Side, and it should not be messed with. @Davey Thanks for the fix. Yeah, I should know better than to assume someone could handle vLite without knowledge of their skills. Plus, it really becomes a large time commitment that could be better used working to buy a dedicated backup drive finding the "PC Fairy". I was lucky enough for the "PC Fairy" to leave me an abandoned SATA storage array in the "this junk needs recycled"-bin in the campus IT department last month. (They recently did a major server upgrade, and there was no room for this old array.) The array was broken, but it contained five 200GB WD SATA drives! I nearly passed out when I was told I could have it! One was completely dead, and one had a broken connector, two are serving as dedicated Backup and Video Storage drives, with the other awaiting an unknown purpose. I should give the "PC Fairy" a hug if I ever find her...
  7. *cough*I'm a guy*cough* I doubt MS will do much about this, it is a feature that was first introduced in XP. XP's version never really did much so with the new security restrictions of Vista it allows MS to enforce WinSxS. This all may sound stupid, but for people like me that help manage several dozens of computers (a few 98s, a few dozen 2Ks, XPs, 2K3s, Vistas) or those that have been a computer tinkerer for a while, this feature ends the aptly-named DLLHell problems. I did some research on removing/disabling WinSxS and it turns out there is a way. However, I warn that it is VERY unsafe and in my opinion, not worth it. For those of us that are familiar with customizing a Windows build there is a tool called vLite, vLite is a tool created by the same programmer as nLite. vLite it used to modify the installation disk of Vista and there is an option to remove WinSxS. Before you go ripping apart and reinstalling Vista, poke over to the vLite webiste and explore the vLite subforum at MSFN. Also, if you do decide to give it a chance, be sure to test in VMware and/or install it on a separate partition/harddisk. If vLite sounds too risky, you could also forgo the entire disk backup procedure and use a standard Base+Incremental backup system. Where you make one full disk backup, then after that only backup the files that change. Most backup utilities have this. I think that one of my longest/most informational/geekiest posts!
  8. It's good to see a person that takes their time researching programs! To answer your questions: How is it paid for? -Small adds on the website/forums (I think, our company firewall blocks most ads.) -Yahoo Toolbar as an optional install with the Full installer (Download the Slim or Portable from here to not have it) -Paypal donations Notable Supporters? I can't think on any but check these: List on CCleaner homepage. Google search "CCleaner Review" Registry Cleaner? CCleaner's Registry cleaner is not as risky as most others. CCleaner generally only shows entries that are safe to remove, and by default it asks the user to backup the entries before removal. The user then can choose to fix all issues at once, or go through each entry one-by-one. When goning one-by-one CCleaner displays the Type Of Issue (ex. unused file extension), the Location (software\blah\blah), Potential reason for its creation (being left behind after uninstalling software), Suggested action to take (Delete it). Duplicate Services? Nope, CCleaner is one .exe (also an .ini if you tell it to in Options>Advanced>Save all settings to INI) It is only run when you run it (Start menu shortcut, recycle bin right-click option). CCleaner does NOT monitor your registry. I think Spybot does, but I'm not 100% sure. In my opinion, CCleaner is an essential tool for any Windows PC. Especially with TwistedMetal's WinApp2.ini I have recommended it to scores of people and not a single one has had problems (except when they forget to mark a cookie to save ).
  9. Those are your Unsorted Bookmarks, they are created when you bookmark a site and select the folder option "Unsorted Bookmarks". CCleaner will never clean or touch your bookmarks intentionally. See here for more info.
  10. That is the FireFox 3 'AwesomeBar'. It lists your history as well as your bookmarks, so CCleaner cleans the history but leaves the bookmarks. (You don't want it erasing your bookmarks!) So, CCleaner is working correctly.
  11. I'm sure this can be narrowed down to one folder. C:\Windows\winsxs\ That is the folder that keeps growing and growing. Currently mine is pushing 8GB. However, it is essential to Vista's operation so DO NOT mess with it. At this time there is no way, that I know of, to reduce the size of this folder. Sorry.
  12. That sounds correct, but make sure you don't place the files in %temp% because then CCleaner may try to clean itself!
  13. I believe I understand your question. The best way that I see to achieve this would be to override the embedded cleaning list (WinApp.ini and WinSys.ini) with slightly modified external files (WinApp1.ini and WinSys1.ini). To do this there are a few simple steps: 1. Obtain copies of the embedded files. Sometimes they will be posted here, but since they haven't I will attach them to this post. 2. Unzip the files to the CCleaner directory. 3. Delete WinReg.ini (needed only for Registry Integrity scan), and rename WinApp.ini and WinSys.ini to WinApp1.ini and WinSys1.ini respectively. 4. Open WinApp1.ini and WinSys1.ini with a text editor (Notepad), and use the Replace Text function to replace all instances of "Default=True" with "Default=False". Save the modified files. 5. Open CCleaner and check what you want cleaned, then verify our work with a different computer. 6. Party! (Optional, but recommended) Notes: -After every update you will need to redo the above with the new embedded files. -If you also use a WinApp2.ini you will need to perform step 4 on it aswell. -Someone should make a dedicated/stickied thread for the embedded files. It's not Telephone Support, but we are a very helpful community and we try our best. Also, we're free! Embedded_INIs_v2.10.zip Embedded_INIs_v2.10.zip
  14. There is no difference between the functionality of the Full version and the Portable version. The Full download includes Yahoo Toolbar, the Portable download does not. The Portable download includes a small file that forces CCleaner to store it's settings in an ini, the Full download does not. People who want CCleaner installed tend to download the Slim version which is smaller because it doesn't contain Yahoo Toolbar, instead of the Full version.
  15. No, it was never able to clean while FF was open.
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