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  1. I don't know - there don't seem to be any traces left in the registry of either ccleaner or piriform. But no need to delve too deeply into the matter now that cc portable is working as it should. Thanks again G Henry
  2. Both computers are running under WinXP-HOME, SP3, x32. The directory structures of both computers are identical, as are most of the applications. Initially I DID install ccleaner portable from the zip file into a fresh directory. And now: renaming portable.dat to xportable.dat did the trick. Now the program's display works in German even after re-instituting the original portable.dat. However, for the life of me I can't imagine why importing the complete program from another computer didn't work, and why these identical versions had German as a display language in one case and English in the other, even after repeated imports and exports of the program. Well, ours not to reason why, as they say. Thanks a lot! GHenry
  3. > 1. Change the language to e.g. dutch and then back to german. Perhaps that will work. > I already tried that with French - no success. > 2. Untick the box "Save settings to INI file"" and then tick that box again. Perhaps (un-)ticking that box twice or more times will persuade > CC to display the german text. Can't - the box is ticked, but greyed-out. Question: Why is it greyed-out, and how can that be changed? Perhaps this is a sign that CC cannot change its settings. > 3. Is there a file called ""lang-1031.dll"" in the subfolder ""Lang"" ? Yes. Now here's the big riddle: as I wrote before, when I copy the complete ccleaner portable folder from my laptop (where it displays in GermN) to my my Tower, the program suddenly displays in English! AND: when I copy the very same folder back to my laptop (to another location), the program switches back to German again. How's that? Conclusion: the responsisibility for the language displayed must lie outside cc, probably with Windows. No idea, how, where or why. Note: the registry on my Tower does not contain any ccleaner entries (at least not as far as I can see), so there appear to be no traces left of the 'stationary' ccleaner installed before. Thanks for your suggestions! GHenry
  4. ccleaner 3.05.1409 I've set the language to 'German', yet ccleaner portable keeps displaying in English (ccleaner.ini shows language = 1031) The program is running on a 2nd computer - IN GERMAN -; when I copy the complete program to the first computer, it keeps displaying in English. Any suggestions? GHenry
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