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  1. What do you mean by pop drive into an external case? Isn't there an easy way to completely wipe a hard drive without smashing to bits with a hammer? I originally wanted to donate it to goodwill, but they will not put anything in writing that they will wipe the drive. I was then going to give my computer away on craigslist just so I wouldn't have to transport it anywhere. Looks like I will just smash it to pieces and donate it to a landfill.
  2. I want to sell my pc on craigslist, but want to completely wipe my hard drive first. I was advised to download CCleaner to do so. After launching, I go to Tools>>Drive Wiper. When I select "entire drive (all data will be erased)" from the drop down, it does NOT let me select "Local Disk C". It's grayed out. It will only allow me to select the C Drive if I only want to wipe free space. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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