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  1. thanx for all your help...i dont really know what happened, but the first time i ran ccleaner, it broke avg, i completely uninstalled avg(and ran ccleaner), reinstalled avg and now it is fine, after re-install ccleaner found same issues, however this time it still works..so maybe the first install was corrupt or something, but all is fine now...strange, and again thnx for help!
  2. thanks for your reply...i think i forgot to mention that this problems occurs when i use the "issues" button in ccleaner, unticking avg7 didnt change anything, i unticked it going to "cleaner", then "applications", scanned for cleaner issues found nothing in regards to avg, ran "issues" again and the same issues i mentioned show up, there are three actual .dll issues in regards to avg...thanks again for your response and ur suggestions...i will keep playing with it...
  3. I did use search button and found no topics relating to my question. I use AVG Free as my anti virus, i also use CCleaner, i had this problem before and stopped using CCleaner, but i recently updated my pc to winxp pro sp2, and decided to try CCleaner once again, but whether or not i have avg turned on or off, i end find issues thru CCleaner, missing mui references, active x issues, i assume they are problems so i delete them thru CCleaner, however afterwards my avg no longer works. i really like CCleaner and avg, and i am all about free software, but is this an issue that can be fixed or do i
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