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  1. So I'm looking at google images of Huddersfield. What's a good website that shows both sides of the town?
  2. No no no, I didn't mean that. Sorry didn't make myself clear on that one. I mean an erase for when you want to shred a file? You know like Heidi's Eraser would put the Erase option in the right click context menu and if you wanted to shred a document instead of sending it to the recycle bin (which requires another two clicks to actually get rid of it) just a thought.
  3. I would like to see a right click context menu 'erase' that would make CCleaner the cat's meow.
  4. I'm wondering why if CCleaner offers the Disk Wipe mode why it didn't actually wipe the disk? It puts into question whether or not its doing the rest of the stuff it claims to do.
  5. Thanks, I've used CCleaner since I think 2005 but this was the first time I tried to wipe a drive with it. I used to use Eraser but something has gone terribly wrong with that deal. Does nothing but hang up and crash. It worked great on XP, Windows 7 not so much.
  6. Hey I'm new here thought I'd throw my two cents in. Have the same problem but I'm just selling an external hard drive and wanted it clean. After wiping it with CCleaner and checking it with Recuva I realized that ain't the ticket so I downloaded BC Wipe (free for 21 days full use) burned a cd with the iso rebooted and 63 minutes later every bit was zeroed out. BC Wipe will even show the results of the wipe.
  7. Hello, I'm new to the forums - I have not done a search. I'm selling a hard drive tomorrow and need to remove all data. I have to leave here shortly to go to work. That's why I haven't done a search. This is what I've done so far: Put the hard drive in an external case and set CCleaner Disk wipe to completely wipe the drive. Then asked Recuva to show me any files left. There is over a gig of files that Recuva can see and at least half of them are recoverable. There was a Windows7 Backup file on this disk and it seems that that is most of the recoverable files. What do I need to do to get what I want?
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