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  1. Update. Got one mouse to work, its a targus optical one, very cheap thing. Model nr. amu0902eu. The other mouse is a saitek optical, model nr. M-166. Last one doesnt get recognized by both pc anymore "only" on the toshiba when i plug out the PS... strange no?
  2. Yes did make a backup of the reg and already reinstalled it but still the same problem. Both pc are running on XP, one is a toshiba satellite U200, the other a sony vaio VGN-TZ31MN. Thx for the help.
  3. Hi, got some issues after using ccleaner. After cleaning 2 pc (reg and disk) i got some problems with my mouse and touch pad. Both touch pads work very difficult, i need to push and drag like hell to let them move. The mice with plugging in sometimes don't get recognized. strangely enough on one pc the mouse and pad don't work with the power supply plugged in, ones unplugged both mouse and pad react again. Problem is that the batt. is as good as dead and i can only work with ps plugged in.
  4. Same here. Cleaned 2 cp and mouse and touch pad dont work anymore.
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