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  1. I agree, remove the yahoo toolbar!
  2. The icon for CCleaner (version 1.27.242 beta) seems to be lighter than previous versions. It looks as though the colour has been washed or faded. I don't really like this, could the icon be changed back please. On another note: the secure deletion is fantastic, great job
  3. I think that's illegal beause CCleaner is freeware and nobody is allowed to distribute it in another licence. But clever people would do a web search on 'CCleaner' before they buy from that dude...
  4. Well the /AUTOREG wouldn't need that prompt and would automatically do it's process.
  5. It would be a great addition to have an /AUTOREG command line paramater to quickly scan and clean all registry issues silently in the background.
  6. There is /AUTO for auto-silent-cleaning but with this way you can't tell how much space has been cleared. It would be nice if there was a cmd switch for logging e.g.: CCleaner /AUTO -log %temp%\clog.txt so I can create my own small program that would msgbox me the space. Low priority suggestion but would be nice to have. Thanks! CClenear is awesome!
  7. A good idea for a self-updete would be to check the latest #YYYYMMDDHHMISS on the site server. If the YYYYMMDDHHMISS is a higher number it will prompt to download the new version. For those who don't know, YYYYMMDDHH24MISS means: YYYY - Four digit yearMM - Two digit monthDD - Two digit dayHH - Two digit 24-hourMI - Two digit minuteSS - Two digit second
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