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  1. I have compared the free space reported by the command line(JP Software Take Command) and defragger itself and they both report the same information, and both report an increase of space after running the optimize. I think the above prior result that did not shown an larger increase was due to the fact that it was ran shortly after running optimiize prior.


    Last Ran: August 8,2016

    Numbers from Defragger:

    Before: 61,669,732,352 (57.4 GB)

    After:    58.949.812.224 (54.9 GB)


    So this time I lost space.  This does not make any sense.  This is the first time I have seen this.


    Note freespace does go to or near zero while running.  Is this normal for an trim enabled SSD?



  2. I am getting the free space from the command line command dir.    That free space matches freespace reported by defraggler.


    Going to rerun optimize again(last ran 4 days ago)

    Free Space Before: 55.8 GB (As reported by defragger)

    Free Space After:    55.9 GB (As reported by defragger)


    Very little change(Computer was not used much between defragging)



  3. Yes running defrag optimize in defragger.

    (Not sure what the optimize button in Windows File Explorer is.


    Drive in question is:


                   Intel Series 330 180 GB


    Per this command Trim is enabled:


    fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify

    DisableDeleteNotify = 0


    When I run defrag optimize it does give me the message about zero-fill your drive.  Is not the normal message?

  4. What does the Nvidia GeFore Experiece page say on the My Rig Page.  That would be a better place to find what card you got.



    Also, just curious what does this $700 card do that makes it worth it? 

  5. Hi,


    CC 4.09 is no longer correctly allowing scripts to identify when CC closes - whether manually or during an AUTO clean operation - I don't know when this behaviour changed.


    This is absolutely required for automated scripting, especially for logoff scripts.


    2 examples of Windows 7 scripts which are broken by CC



    cd "c:\program files\ccleaner"

    start /wait ccleaner.exe /auto

    rem the next line should only execute after CC completes and closes

    echo Finished



    Set objShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

    Return = objShell.Run ("""C:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe""" & " /AUTO" , 1, TRUE)

    ' the next line should only execute after CC completes and closes

    WScript.Echo "Finished"


    Both of these example logoff scripts are now broken, as they cannot delay the logoff process of the OS, preventing the OS terminating CC before it has a chance to complete the AUTO clean. With CC not allowing scripts to identify when it has completed, any form of automated use of CC within scripts is impossible.


    I hope that these example scripts allow you to reproduce and remove this important bug in CC's behaviour.

    Many thanks


    If 64 bit OS chagne the ccleaner.exe to ccleaner64.exe.


    Problem will be fixed.

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