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  1. G'Day Folks, Here I thought that the CrapCleaner was suposed to get rid of Crap, not add to the problem by having Advertising and other popups and links to Free "Laptop Crap" which cannot be gotten rid of. The link to the Free Laptop cannot be canselled out and is a trap in that whatever you click on even Cancel, activates the links. This is akin to Malware and Spyware - GET RID OF THE RUDDY "Free Laptop" CRAP AND ANYTHING LIKE IT ! I do not like recommending a product that has or uses this method of Badgering customers.
  2. Trivial matter as v1.41.544 still works in 95b - but all b2.x ask for msimg32.dll which we know does not work on a win95b OS Any solutions please - ??
  3. Hi Folks, The latest download and Scanning with BitDefender Internet Security v10 active, suggests that the 141 file is infected with "Trojan.Downloader.Zlob.AADO " virus. Can we look into this urgently please, as i recommend the CCleaner to all my customers. PC-Bug Fixer (Sydney, Australia)
  4. G'Day Folks, Thanks for the info krit86lr and also lab for the specific correction Quote: "I read through the tweaks and tried one a bit closer to the described condition - #256 on the right side: "Effects Options are Greyed Out - Appearance" = Good One! My problem was caused by using the "AutoPatcher" and undoing some of the Tweaks I had installed. When I used the "Tweak Undo" (under Tools in AutoPatcher) it somewhat created minor havoc on the system and this (above) problem was one of them. Interesting is that the "Effects" option was or is not greyed out as such, it just did not activate when you clicked on the button, so if was a bit harder to define the error "Effects button not active" -V- "Effects Options are Greyed Out - Appearance" as being the same error. Kelly is a good fixer reference to have = http://www.kellys-korner-xp.com/xp_tweaks.htm for a lot of XP issues - only problem is having to read through all of them to find the specific fix. BTW: The CCleaner I think is the best since the invention of the "Mouse Trap" Regards Roger H.
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