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  1. ok its all fixed now! well ccleaner took outsomething from mcafee. it was probably no big deal mcafee would have kept running fine. but, me being the way i am, i tryed to reinstall mcafee and thats where my problems started. i had installed ie7 beta weeks earlier. thats where my problem really was. the beta of ie7 would not allow me to reinstall mcafee. the version of mcafee which i used uses msn browser to install (and its based on the latest ie you have installed) so i tryed to install mcafee w/ ie7 beta and that is not compatible w mcafee. only if mcafee is already installed. so....ccleaner was just doing what it does well and not to blame for my trouble. just a microsoft beta product which i shldnt have been using anyway . thanks all my mistake ccleaner is a good product please feel free to remove my post as it really probably wont help many people out there and is sort of off topic. Damian
  2. thanks folks ill keep trying and ill try the suggestions ill report later and thanks for being so prompt!! ccleaner IS a great program and so are the people of its forums Damian
  3. well, i do use seperate partitions c is my windows partition d is program files etc. and e is strictly my swap file partition could this possibly be the problem? everything installs to the d partition including ccleaner and mcafee both my affected computers have this partition scheme.
  4. hi, 1st post here hope its in the right section anyway i installed ccleaner on my pc running xp pro and i ran one cleaner scan and deleted all files it found, i did not run the reg scan and mcaffee is missing crucial parts of the program. when i uninstall and reinstall mcaffe security center (free from msn premium) the mcafee install program locks up every time. this same scenerio happened on another xp machine i have. on that one, i thought it was the ccleaner reg cleaner that caused the problem so i installed both programs on the new system and it the same conflict happened after one file cleaning scan and delete. i have not been able to use mcaffee since installing so i did a system restore and am a bit leary of running ccleaner again. i really do like the program though. Any suggestions, anyone else have this same trouble? thanks Damian
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