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  1. First, I want to thank each of you who provided ideas that kept me looking. Nukecad said what those of us who've been in the tech field very long were beginning to conclude... it's something simple. So... I ran the install one again and looked at all the options, clicked the advanced button and when the destination window came up showing c:\Program Files\CCleaner, the "Next" button was grayed out. Bingo! That meant that the folder was not only hidden, it was corrupted. I deleted it, reinstalled CCleaner and all is well. I hope this helps someone somewhere. Thanks again.
  2. No Default location which is also shown in the registry values Nothing.
  3. No changes have been made to Win Def or gpedit and the setting for store apps is not limited. After running DISM as you suggested, the results remain the same.
  4. I just tested another computer in the office running Win 10 Home, Windows Defender and Malwarebytes Corporate Endpoint Security. It had CC ver 555 on it and the upgrade to 560 worked properly. I then uninstalled 560 and reinstalled it. That too ran perfectly. On the Win 10 Pro box, I've now completed full scans for malware and viruses with zero hits and run the install under a different admin user with the same results. The problem is obviously on this box but I am at a loss for fresh ideas as to why cCleaner is being singled out to have the folder deleted after the installation is complete. NOTE: This box has the free versions of ALL the Piriform tools installed. Only cCleaner has this problem.
  5. Results were the same... no program folder but all registry entries were replaced after having been deleted. I also see that start menu and desktop icons were created so the intallation process is definitely being allowed to run before the folder is deleted.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion nukecad. I tried the slim package with the exact same results and logs show nothing unusual. What's particularly odd here is that the install proceeds to completition and only when it attempts to open the program, the exe "...can't be found." and that is because the entire folder is gone but the proper registry entries are there. If the AV or MES had a problem with the installer, it wouldn't be allowed to write to the registry yet that is exactly what is happening. I've been in the tech field for decades and this is a combination I've not ever seen. Any other ideas?
  7. Running Win 10 pro 64 using up to date Windows Defender and Malwarebytes corporate Endpoint Security. Scans by both reveal no malware or virus issues. However, when attempting to install ccleaner (either using GUI or command line with /S switch) of more than one version (555 & 560), the process appears to run properly but, when it's finished, the program folder is missing and the proper registry values remain. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you in advance. Lou Smith
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