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  1. Hi all, It's hard to convice you guys, but I hope now it will become clear to all. Now I can give you the correct query: These pinned folders are saved in the index.dat file. In this Index-file there are as well the other recent saved documents. This file is save under: C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Office\Recent\index.dat I see no possibilities to exclude something inside the index.dat file. This is the reason why I exclude "Office 2013" from my clean. "Office 2013" deletes this file.
  2. Ok, however... This is a wish/Requirement to let the pinned folders as it is. I don't want to miss the other cleaning settings (Recent Docs and MRU). The pinned folders are consciously set by the user, so they should not be deleted. Thanks.
  3. All other Office items are ticked, Recent Documents and other explorer MRU as well. "Office 2013" it the specific item which caused this "Bug". Please trust me.. try by yourself. I have tested this. Thanks.
  4. Hi all, I have some pinned folders in my office 365 products. These pinned folders I would like to exclude from the clean. Strange: In the full detailed CCleaner report, these folders are not showed! However the clean will delete it. Not good. Martin
  5. Hi all, Under "extended" I have not ticked the 3 "Caches" like "Cache: windows size / positions". But the cache is everytime deleted when I run CCleaner. For understanding: I mean the windows cache when you press the Save button. A Window appears in which you can choose where you want to save your open doc. This size of this "save under"-window is deleted. Can somebody help me to avoid this? thanks. joschi
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