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  1. Hello again K, Just to let you know I seemed to have fixed the problem but exactly how I did it I'm not sure ! This afternoon, just out of curiosity, I loaded a piece of freebie software called 'PC Booster' (bluesquad.co.uk) which came on a cover disk with a recently purchased magazine, Computer Shopper(I'm in the UK, I don't know if you have it over there??). Anyway, after running the software and rebooting I tried out some of my programs just to see if it had made any difference to performance (which it had!). I also tried CCleaner and lo and behold it was working as per normal again ! Alt
  2. Hello again K, To begin with many thanks indeed for your patience and tenacity on this matter ! 1. I downloaded and installed VB runtimes (whatever that is - as I said before , my expertise is limited ?!), and I also rebooted, Andavari. 2. I'm running version 1.28 3. I re-installed CCleaner with Norton turned off(also Zonealarm) but still no joy. 4. I haven't a clue what DAF Medium is ! I followed your link but not really sure here what I should be downloading ?! 5. I ran the eventviewer after CCleaner crashed and there was an Aplications error at the time of the crash and the event ID
  3. I've updated the VB as suggested but I'm afraid the problem is still there. Cheers Allan
  4. Will updating my VB possibly solve my problem - as I mentioned in my original question my computer expertise is limited ? Cheers Allan
  5. I've been using CCleaner now for a couple of years now without encountering any problems but when I did my usual weekly scan at the week-end it just ran and ran and ran and eventually it came up with an error report saying that 'CCleaner has encountered a problem and needs to close.' and it gave me the usual option to report the problem to MS. Looking through the Forum I see that there is a similar instance and the suggested solution, from YoKenny, was to reduce the default size of the Temporary Internet Folder(IE) to 40MB. I tried this but unfortunately no joy ! I'm running Windows XP SP2 a
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